Beauty chapter 1Mature

Chapter 1

My bright red hair bounced on the right side of my face and the heels of my black suede boots clicked as I made my way through the corridor. My navy blue skirt fluttered as the wind blew through the rocky arches. I fixed my white shirt before stepping into my 1st period English class. All the kids looked at me as I stood in front of the class. 

The teacher looked at me, he was wiry with salt and pepper hair. "Ah! Here you are miss Anderson," He walked over to me. "Class this is Amethyst Anderson, she's a new student so everybody make her feel welcome. Miss Anderson, my name is Mr. Johnson, you may take a seat wherever you like." 

I smiled at the class, the boys whistled at me as I walked down one of the aisles. A boy grabbed my hand making me turn toward him. "Hey girl, I got a seat for ya'," He patted his lap. "Right here." The boys around him laughed at his immature joke.

I rolled my eyes and walked past him and sat down behind a girl with blonde hair with blue, purple and pink highlights. She turned around and looked at me. "Hi, my name's Kacee," she said. She was a bit chubby and had on a black shirt with Abercrombie & Fitch on it and pink skinny jeans and black high heels. She looked like the kind of girl that if you crossed her, she would spread a rumor that your a slut. 

I smiled a bit at her. "My name is Amethyst."

"Why don't you sit by us at lunch, Amethyst." She turned around as if I had said yes. 

I looked at the board thinking about if I should or not. I mean, I didn't have anywhere else to sit so I might as well sit by her. I shrugged and paid attention to Mr. Johnson's boring lecture about punctuation.

The End

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