Beautifully Alone

Inspired by Darryl Stephen's Single: Envious Moon

"Here I am, alone and lonely in a
World I don't think love exists
And if it did, it'd only show me I'll
Never have access to it..."

Here I am,

Resting on your chest,

Disdain expression on my face,

Beautifully alone. 

Your hands interlock with mine

And I don't feel anything.

To be inside of me,

those minutes of pleasure is all you crave.

I lay here, thinking, if this is my fate.

Sitting in a world, that I don't think love exists,

Or has lost its purpose, over the generations.

But if love did exist,

it'd only show me, I'll never have access to it.

I look up to feel your bottom lip against my forehead.

Thirsty for a temporary fix with my body,

And if not me, then someone else.

A tear creates a stream down my cheek.

Why can't I access this love that I observe around me?

That I feel when I listen to my favorite acoustic harmonies

or when I taste the intense and flavorful ingredients.

The warmth and emotion I watch through the plasma screen

or juices that slide down my throat after midnight.

Beautifully lonely.

You turn me over and rest your fist in my arch.

Lust aromas start to suffocate me in this room.

The lighting, sensuality of rhythm & blues, all to your liking.

Do I have to climb this mountain to reach love?

I need to sacrifice something, right?

Why not my heart and my mind for this substance that I yearn for?

I feel his hands crawl up my body,

His whispers caress my skin as I prepare for his landing.

My head yanked back and my eyes slam open.

My voice spoke as I declined him.

A tad over dramatic, but I had an epiphany.

He didn't want to give up but I demanded him away from me.

I realized that I had the love that I was hankering for.

And I have to protect it, and find someone like me that needs it. 

I stood up with an empowerment, dressed and left,  

leaving him beautifully alone.

The End

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