It has been three weeks since the incident. We now spend as much time in each other's company. At weekends I make excuses to get out of the house, and go to the forest, spending the whole day with Ember. We now tell each other everything. I know every single detail of Ember's troubled childhood, living in the confinement of the Vampire City, a small city encircled by high walls, which no vamp is allowed out of, with so few other vamps her age, she spent her whole childhood bored and restless. 

She knows every detail of my childhood, from my parent's divorce, to the horrible stretch when I was bullied mercilessly. We spend more and more time just sitting, our arms wrapped around each other, just staring into the other's eyes, trying to find meaning, to feel what they are feeling. We haven't spoken about the blood-thing since it happened, and I have developed a strange longing for her to drink from me.. The sensation I got was of pain, but at the same time deep pleasure, on a level unlike any other I had experienced. 

I am at the happiest I have ever been in my life, and Ember says she is too. Until.. that day. 


I was walking through the middle of town, on my way to the woods, early one morning. It was the start of half term, and I was planning on spending every day with Ember. Then, I catch sight of a face with pale, glowing skin, just like Ember's. I For a moment, I think it is Ember, that she has ventured into town again. Then I look turn, and see the face again. It is definitely a vamp, but it isn't Ember. This is a male vamp, an adult,  with the dark, cropped hair, crimson eyes, a long nose and a chiselled jaw, his wide mouth set into a line. He is scanning the crowd. 

I begin to walk faster, and faster, until I am sprinting down the dirt path. As soon as I reach the clearing Ember senses there is something wrong. She springs up.

"What is it?" She asks urgently, at my side instantly, her fingers entwining with mine.

"Another vamp. In town. Adult. Black short hair, tall, chiselled jaw." I say between breaths. Her expression changes into one I have never seen her her features in before. And it is pure fear.

The End

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