And then his mouth is on mine, his delicious scent on my tongue, his lean, muscled arms gripping me tightly. I am on tip-toe, my arms wrapped about his neck. One of his hands is running through my curls, the other resting on my hip. Our tongues touch, and I lightly bite into his lip. The instant I do it, I know it is wrong. I have bitten too hard. The taste of his blood explodes onto my tongue, like a firework going off, I see stars behind my closed eyelids. I let my tongue slip across his lip, taking his blood. 

Then, the animal inside takes over. My sense of right and wrong gone, I break from our kiss, and move my mouth to his neck. I bite, my teeth slicing his flesh like a knife through butter. The blood wells, and I drink, I drink, lapping his blood like a parched man drinking his first trickle of water in hours. 

He moans, and the real me, deep inside, reawakens. She is scared. What if I am hurting him? What if I kill him? NO. She won't let that happen. She seizes control of our body, and suddenly, I am me again. I lift my lips from Raphael's neck, and his head lolls. 

"Raphael?" I say, urgently. "Raphael, Raph, Raph, wake up!" Slowly, he begins to stir, his eyes rolling, then, suddenly they snap open. His breathing is heavy. 

"Wh-what.. was that?" He murmurs. 

"I.. I bit your lip, and it bled, and... um.. my instincts took over. I.. I drank from you." I mutter. Then I become aware of a hard lump pressing against my stomach. He looks down, and blushes a deep red. 

"Um.. It was a.. kind of.. um.. arousing experience.." He mutters, avoiding my gaze in the way he does when embarrassed. In truth I have known him less than a week, but it feels like I have known him for years.. 

He pulls from my grip, looking at his watch. "Shit.." He mutters. 

"What?" I ask. 

"It's five already. And I have this-" He motions to the shallow cuts on his neck in the exact shape of my teeth-"To explain to my mum.. How the fuck am I going to do that?" It is the first time I have heard him swear, and I can tell this means he's angry. 

"I'm sorry.." I whimper, close to tears. I begin to pull away from his grip. 

"No." He stops me, pulling me closer than ever. "It isn't you I'm angry at. It's me. Why didn't I forsee this? How the hell did I think I was going to explain a vampire bite to my totally wack-job mum?" 



"Um..Raphael?" Ember says, staring at my neck. 

"What?" I snap, my anger getting the best of me. 

"You-your.. your bite.. It's.. gone. It just...healed.." She murmurs, her finger tracing the skin on my neck. My hand darts to my neck. There is no cut, just smooth skin... 

"Wh-what the.." I murmur.

"Shhhh." She smiles. "I understand it no more than you do. But right now, you have to get home." 

"Yeah." I agree, and kiss her goodbye before running out of the forest, the whole time fingering my neck where the cut was, hardly believing it. 

The End

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