Final Chance.Mature


I know, somehow, as I walk down to the forest the Friday after we met, (we had met on a Monday,) that this was my final chance. Mess it up again, like I had done on Tuesday, and Wednesday, and Thursday, and our relationship wouldn't go anywhere. I had to let go of my fear, of my nerves, and just admit it. Admit I wanted her as much as I hoped she wanted me. Yesterday, and the day before, and the day before that, she had made small flirtatious advances, and then waited, expecting me to do.. something. But I had always chickened out, and she had become sullen and sulky until I left. I worried about her, sitting all alone on that tree trunk, day in and day out...

There she is. Sitting perfectly still in her usual spot. I walk into the clearing and, hearing me, she jumps up, her whole face lighting up with pleasure. She really does like seeing me.. 

"Hey, you," I manage, making her grin widen. She holds her arms out, and I walk to her, slowly folding my arms around her body for the first time. Her scent is delicious. Like beautiful flowers, mixed with incense, and something else I cannot identify. I bury my face in the top of her head, her face level with my chest. It feels so natural, that I know instantly what to do next. I pull away ever so slightly and take her face in my palm. But suddenly, at the same time as the natural-feeling comes a deep sense of wrongness. Telling me I shouldn't be doing this. That it is wrong.. But I can't resist... 

The End

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