I was walking out of school when I saw her. She was standing on the pavement, apparently staring off into space. And she was totally gorgeous. Like inhumanely gorgeous. She had skin so pale it glowed, and full, pouting crimson lips. Her nose was thin and straight, with a speckling of reddish-gold freckles. Her hair was the thing that really caught my eye though. It hung to her elbows in thick ringlets, the exact colour of flames. It had orange and yellow and red hues, along with a little blue. It was impossible to tell what colour it really was, and from afar it looked as though her whole head, neck and shoulders were on fire, covered in curls of flame. Her eyes were an eerie, glowing red-brown. My instincts instantly told me a loud, firm NO. DANGER they screamed. 

But I could not resist the girl's iridescent beauty. Suddenly, her eyes locked onto mine, and she instantly lost the far away look she had had just a second before. She stared into my eyes, and suddenly there was a beautiful voice in my head. Follow me. It commanded. Somehow, I had no choice. I followed the girl through the backstreets to the dirt-road that led to the forest. I trailed behind her meekly as she skipped down the dirt road, her feet, which I now noticed were bare, hardly touching the ground. When we reached the wood, she threw off the scarlet cape she had been wearing, chucking it over a tree branch. Underneath, she wore the most beautiful cream dress. It had a tight, corset bodice and a flowing, ruffled skirt that hung to her knees. It had slim strips of chiffon-like material for straps. 

"Hello." She said, in the same beautiful, ringing bell-like voice. 

"H-hi." I said, my voice trembling. 

"You're a human!" She said in an almost accusing tone. 

"Er.. yes.." I replied. "You aren't?" 

"Of course I'm not, silly!" She laughed. "Would a human be able to use mind control?"

"Er.. No?" I muttered, looking away. 

"What do you think I am?" She smiled.

"I.. I dunno..." I stammered nervously. "A.. a.. vampire?" 

"You got it!" She grinned. She leapt forward and took both my hands in hers. Her grip was icily strong. Then she twirled around happily, me, of course, twirling with her, my feet lifted ever so slightly off the ground. After the initial shock of her touch, I began to enjoy myself, laughing and throwing back my head to stare at the clouds as we spun in never-ending circles. 

Then, just as abruptly as she had taken my hands, she dropped them, flopping onto a fallen tree trunk. 

"I'm tired..." She announced. 

"Tired?" I said, puzzled. "I thought vampires didn't get tired.." 

"Yeah, they don't. Well, full-grown vamps don't. I'm not fully matured yet. In fact, I'm probably the same age as you!" She grinned again, showing off pearly white teeth with over-long incisors. "How old are you, human?" 

"I'm fifteen. How old are you, vampire?" I laughed.

"Same as me! Well, I'll be fifteen in two moon-cycles. Months." She corrected herself. "Um, we call them moon-cycles. Our powers are-" 

"I know. Your powers are at their strongest on a full moon. We learned in F.S." I say, matter-of-factly. 

"F.S?" She muttered, tilting her head. 

"Fantastical studies. We learn all about vamps, and werewolves, and witches and stuff." I explain.

"Cool!" She says, the wide grin back. "Ember. Er, I'm Ember." She says awkwardly. 

"Raphael." I reply and automatically stick out my hand for her to shake. She looks at it for a few moments, then grasps my fore-arm and shakes. "What are you doing?" I burst out laughing. 

"Is that wrong?" She sounds hurt. 

"Well, you do it like this." I take her hand and shake it firmly. That's when I look at my watch. It reads 5:15. My eyes widen. "OH MY GOD!" I yell. 

"What?" She asks, puzzled. 

"My parent's, they'll think I've been abducted, I have to get home!" I gabble.

"Oh.. ok." She says, dejected. I run off, wondering if I'll ever see her again.. 

The End

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