A Proposal

Raphael was just getting used to the publicity surrounding the winner of the contest when she received a surprise call from Brandon. The two hadn't spoken for a while now.

  "Raphael, how about we meet up for dinner today at the Institute of Scientific Nutrition?"

  Raphael made a face. She wasn't against ISN food, but she had seen it and it was quite unappetizing. The only good thing about it was that the calorie count was precise and it was impossible to gain weight if you followed a strict ISN diet. The food came in a puree and was meted out in blocks on a platter, and you sucked it up with a straw. "I suppose we could, if you're a fan of that sort of thing."

  Raphael arrived early at the nearest ISN branch and sat down on a table for two. She saw Brandon coming across the ground road to see her and waved hello. She was then stunned to see him almost ran over by an aircar.

  "I hope you didn't wait for too long," Brandon said, when his face had turned to its normal colour.

  "No, I didn't. Is there any special reason why you wanted to see me?" Raphael asked.

  "Well, I was wondering, would you marry me?" Brandon pleaded.

  Raphael was astonished. "Is this some kind of joke?" She could hardly believe her luck.

  "What, you don't want to?" Brandon asked, his face turning a shade a grey.

  Raphael was so excited she had to get up and leave the table. Brandon ran after in hot pursuit, holding a ring. "Raphael, hey! We can talk this over!"

The End

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