"Hey Raphael Azaelia, I have good news for you," Brandon sounded excited as he chatted to Raphael.

  "Mr Cocoza, you won the lottery or something?" Raphael asked.

  "I've been elected mayor of Aquaurbs!" Brandon declared proudly. "Of course if you won your contest, you would have looks and brain, so you could work for me!"

  "I've already got a job," Raphael replied.

  "A Sybex as a make-up artist? Come on. Do something less serious like politics!" Brandon joked.

  Raphael at this point had to go as Elizabeth pinged her a message across her lens. "You have got to sort out my bad hair day!"

  When Raphael arrived on the scene, Elizabeth was throwing a tantrum. She was surrounded by her Miss Universe team. At this point Raphael wanted to hide away, as one of the team, a young man with ambition in his eyes, looked quite familiar. However, she had no escape as Elizabeth beckoned her closer.

  "Fix my hair," she commanded Raphael.

  Raphael was about to turn to the lookautomaton when the young man turned to her.

  "Hi, I'm David. I think we have met before? Is Amina on your team?"

  Raphael wanted the ground to swallow her up as she saw the astonishment and shock in Elizabeth's eyes.

  "Raphael, you haven't told me anything about this," Elizabeth said crossly.

  Elizabeth was in a fury. She had given Raphael a lifeline, and nurtured Raphael's talents. Now Raphael was using her talents against her benefactor. This simply could not be tolerated. Meanwhile, Raphael was thinking desperately as to how she could save her job. Before she could collect herself (and what was there to say? The less said the better), David spoke again.

  "Raphael, you're through to the semi-finals as well, aren't you?"

  "Raphael, how can you do this to me? You can't be my make-up artist for the contest, you have a biased interest in it. From today, you are fired." Elizabeth pronounced judgement on the situation.

  Raphael sighed. The second disaster of the recent times was hard to bear. She went to her cupboard, took out her mug, packed it into her bag, and left Elizabeth's manse. She went by shuttle to her apartments and spoke to Amina briefly before pulling out her compad to size and hanging it on the wall. She switched to the news channel by scrolling to the right with her finger.

  "This is Chad Sabir for Mercurial News. News of a fight has broken out between David Crosby and Matthew Chiswick. Elizabeth Helga is at the scene of the crime. Elizabeth, can you tell me about this incident?"

  Raphael let out a gasp as she saw Matthew, because he was her make-up artist. David she had met earlier on in the day. As Elizabeth declined to comment, Raphael saw that the incident was provoked by David. There was no mention of the Miss Universe beauty contest, just that the two men had met in a pub and were arguing over peanuts. However, since Elizabeth was there, Raphael was sure that David must have been the bad loser who wanted to disable her team. Matthew, it seemed, had a black eye from the incident. Anyway, David was facing charges so he was now banned from any further involvement in the Miss Universe contest.

The End

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