Supporting an Old Friend

Raphael was sorting through some old clothes in a thrift shop when she overheard a gasp from the shopkeeper.

  "I can't believe it! Welcome, Elizabeth!" The shopkeeper beamed at the newcomer.

  Raphael looked up into the face of an old friend. She had known Elizabeth, because they had both been to the same select public school. Even at school Elizabeth had wanted to be a model. Elizabeth had been modelling since she was three.

  Elizabeth totally ignored the shopkeeper and turned to Raphael. "Hello Raphael, how are things going?"

  Raphael put on a brave smile. "Oh, you know, it's alright."

  Elizabeth smirked. "I'm the new face of International Perfumeries!"

  Even Raphael had heard of International Perfumeries. It was a company designed to launch celebrities' perfumes. Their yearly turnover amounted to millions of dollars.

  "Wow, what a start!" Raphael exclaimed.

  Elizabeth smiled triumphantly. There was nothing more satisfying than seeing an old school friend and bettering them, she thought. "Well, since you're not up to much, do you want to be my make-up artist?"

  Raphael was over the moon. "Of course I would love to be your make-up artist."

The End

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