Meeting of Destinies

The advert did not say much, it but said to send a photo to an address on the Megan Crater. Raphael spent some time that evening digging through her set of photos on the internet to see which one showed her off to her best effect. She eventually selected one of herself in a red glittery ball dress. In the picture she was joking with her friends. The motion showed off her figure to good effect.

  The next day she was a bunch of nerves as she waited for the reply. She constantly refreshed the account page on her compad, hoping for an update. She sighed as she realised that she had been staring at the same page for an hour. She rang her mum and discussed the competition with her.

  After listening to her daughter, Gabrielle scolded her favourite child. "Look at you, this age and with no boyfriend? You should think about dating somebody."

  Raphael smiled wryly. After putting down the phone, she put on some light make-up and ventured out to the local pub. She met a handsome stranger called Brandon. He was dressed smartly in a suit and tie. They had just started chatting about property and developments on Earth when another man walked in with his pet iguanodon. Raphael was charmed by this resurrected species and fed the iguanodon some peanuts. Moments later, the iguanodon collapsed dead in front of her.

  The owner practically breathed fire. "You need to take responsibility for killing my brother!"

  Raphael argued back. "It's not your brother, it's just a pet!"

  "Of course it is! I never leave his side. We even transplanted some rudimentary human manners into him. What had he done to you?" The owner asked.

  Brandon stepped into the argument. "Look, she didn't know. I swear she even ate some of those peanuts herself."

  Raphael was filled with gratification. She realised Brandon had some guts, unlike some of those men who ran away at the first sign of trouble. The crowd supported Raphael and all the owner could do was to be led away by his friends, sobbing into a handkerchief.

The End

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