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Follow the ups and downs of a young Venusian woman as she enters a beauty contest. She battles enemies and makes new friends in an epic showdown between herself and an old frenemy. Watch a doctor turned beauty queen rule the universe as Raphael undergoes a dramatic transformation.

Jason sat back in his pivot chair. "I must say your patients like you. But Raphael, certain rearrangements in the department due to funding losses mean that you, as of today, are fired."

  Raphael didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "Jason, I am sure that with me in the department, it will go from strength to strength. I understand that there have been some funding losses, but I guarantee you, it won't happen again."

  Jason shook his head. He flicked his fingers and a servitor came ambling up to him, bringing him a small pad. He tapped on it and then swivelled around the screen so that it faced Raphael. "Here are your stats. As you can see, your work output is good, but some of your patients have refused to pay, being from a poor background."

  Raphael looked glumly at the reality placed in front of her. She opened her mouth to argue, but nothing came out. She opened a set of crystal mood stickers and stuck one to her wrist labelled "bravery". With its help she managed to smile at Jason and walked out of his office, tossing her hair.

  For the rest of the day Raphael did not do very much. She ate chocolate, slept in on Mondays and watched talent shows on her compad. One day, when venturing out, she bought a news feed and was intrigued to notice an advert for a Miss Universe beauty contest.

The End

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