Beautiful Secrets

This story is about a girl who wishes to become beautiful and gets what she wishes for only to find that all that sparkles isn't gold.

This is a tale of warning, about a girl named Lucy. Lucy was just your typical teen, except the fact or perhaps including the fact that she thought she was the fattest and ugliest girl at her school. If not the state, the country and even the world. Lucy was a little thick in the middle and had a bad bout of acne but I personnally would not say she was the ugliest girl in the world. Neither would her long time friend Paul Green.

Paul Green had been friends with Lucy ever since preschool. He was her only friend as Lucy was dreadfully shy. Lucy also happened to be Paul's only friend as well because he too was dreadfully shy. Paul was scarily thin and had thin blond hair. He was super tall and gangly and was definatly not what you would call a ladies man. But Paul was a good person, through and through. He would stay up long hours helping Lucy study. Every crisis Lucy went through from falling off the swing set to now crying over the ten pounds she had gained going through puberty he was there for her. No matter the problem, Paul Green would come running for Lucy. 

Lucy too was genuinly a nice person . Helping Paul study and helping him through his crisis'. I know what your thinking but there was nothing going on between Lucy and Paul Green; they were just friends. One day Lucy and Paul were walking home from school together, as they did everyday, right through their downtown area, past all the shops. Sometimes they got ice cream, when Lucy wasn't on a diet, which was a rare moment. Usually other kids their age walked either in front of them or behind them, not wanting to be associated with the school loners. Today Lucy's crush and the most popular boy in school Marcus Mellow and his golden girlfriend Catherine Freeman, walked past them, without even saying hello or even  a quick glance, even though Catherine was in all of Paul's classes. It was like Lucy and Paul Green didn't exsit. 

"Hey, let's go to the park," Paul said to get Lucy's mind off of Marcus snuffing her. Going to the park was also a usual routine for Paul and Lucy after school, it was right across from the ice cream shop in the middle of town. They crossed the street and sat down on their favorite wooden bench under an old willow tree. "I wish I could look like Catherine, how does she get her hair so shiny and golden? And her skin, it's perfect! Everything about her is perfect. God, I hate her and I especially hate the way Marcus looks at her!" Lucy said frustrated by her own appearence. "Well they are dating," Paul said, unsure of how to calm Lucy down, lately he couldn't say anything right. "That's not the point!" Lucy snapped. "Why can't I be beautiful like the models, actresses or even the Catherine Freeman's of the world? My life would be so much better if I was beautiful, everything would be perfect." "But Lucy. you are beautiful." Paul said utterly confused at what she was talking about, Catherine wasn't as pretty as Lucy and Catherine was actually kind of mean. Lucy just rolled her eyes. "And models,"Paul contiued, "these beautiful people as you call them, are they really happy? Everyday, we here new stories about eating disorders and drug overdoses." "Who cares? When your beautiful it doesn't matter." Paul just rolled his eyes, "Let's go home." They walked across the street and noticed a new store beside the ice cream place; Beautiful Secrets. "Huh I never noticed that store before." Paul said to Lucy. "Must be new" Lucy said to Paul, looking back to get a better look at the store."Beautiful Secrets, that just might be the anwser to all of my problems," Lucy thought with a grin.  

The End

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