Beautiful Isolation: A Dramione Fanfic

How far would a Malfoy run to escape Voldemort?

Chapter 1: Draco Exiled.

Draco Malfoy was now deeper into the Second Wizarding War than he could have ever imagined. Voldemort had recruited him to kill Dumbledore and his family (outwardly) had high expectations of him fulfilling the expected family duties, but behind closed doors, was an entirely different story.

"This is not what I had in mind! Not at all! I am glad that our son obeyed us and followed through with the expected loyalty towards the Dark Lord, but I did NOT want my son to be a murderer! What about when he becomes Minister for Magic or the head of an elite magical academy like Durmstrang? You should have listened to me Lucius! Sending him to Hogwarts, meeting up with thatHarry Potterand getting embroiled in this mess is going to ruin his life!"

Narcissa Malfoy was beside herself with hysterics. She had always looked to Lucius for guidance and wisdom when it came to moves which could benefit their family, but she feared that this time her husband's judgement had been clouded too much by greed and lust for power. They had too much to lose, and friends were slipping fast.

"Narcissa, my dear, calm down. I have it all under control. "Lucius deliberately presented a cool, calm face to his wife to highlight how ridiculous she was being. He knew that being on the winning side was paramount to his and his family's future, and backing out would win Draco and the Malfoy name no favours when Voldemort came to call.

"But do you really, Lucius? DO YOU? This is ourson.This isn't just another minion at the Ministry or well placed friend who can talk you into or out of any situation. If anything should happen to him, being on the winning side won't meananything. "

"Isaid, I have it under control" Lucius was tired. Tired of seeing his son act weak and afraid in the face of what he had been raised to do, his wife for speaking out against the Dark Lord's movement- you never knew who might be listening- but most of all, he was tired of ignoring the doubts that had been playing on his mind for weeks. He didn't dare tell Narcissa that he agreed with her, that would bepreposterous,showing signs of weakness, but he had become worried for Draco's future. Scheming, spying and injuries were all a part of the bigger picture, but murder?Draco, for all his pomp, might not be ready for that.

"Lucius, please."

Perhaps there was a way to appease his wife without letting her know that he was worried for Voldemort's future plans for Draco. Lucius was nothing if not a schemer and a game-player.

" dear...I have an idea that I have been meaning to share with you, in case things got too much for you or our son. The perfect temporary escape."

Narcissa smiled. Her husband vastly underestimated her level of intelligence, but she loved him, and if he needed to be the powerful dominant member of their marriage, then she was happy to be the puppeteer.

"Go on my darling, share your idea with me."

"I think it's time that Draco disappeared for a while."

The End

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