As the girl sat at the table wating for Alina to sit, Mala head was spinning with what she just hurd.

So Demsel said do you know mother how long it took me too find yous Why?did you come looking you knew I was fine I callled and checked in with you and your brother ,Yes I know But? I over hurd Drake and Jett Talking ,I knew I shouldent have continued, but I couldent help myself ,and thats how Why I Started too look for you.God damitt Demsel Do you know what you have just done.Yes I do but dont you think you should be with us ? know she is old enough to knowBy know, Mala felt like she was about to puke,Excuse me You two, I am sorry too interupt your conversation , but dont you think its time too God Damn it, tell me, Whats GOING ON! Oh My sorry Alina said as she sat down with all the mugs of tea . Well as you know by now that Demsel is my youngest daughter, Yes go on I am lisening.

Well when you were Three , me and your mother were out shopping for are dinner party, when she went one way to get the flowers for the table setting, all of a sudden there was a scream threwout the store,and a bunch of crashing and banging like someone was fighting someone off them.Mala face was white as she listened too every word,Are you ok Mala should I stop? NO go on,I had you in your buggy and I ran to that part of the store but it was too late someone had taken your mother , OH my god my mother was Kidnapped ? Yes dear, So the Elders got together at your fathers house in the den I was in the main living room with my sisters and you. Elders?? I cant explane that But soon you will understand ok.Sure I will, Eny ways Alina continued,Your father and the others told me too take you and run, they all set out too find you mother but no word from any of them have been hurd in over six months, and the elders are getting consurned,See your father and the rest have been surching for a long time but nothing but endless clues, They think it has to do with , People that were not welcome among are community, And theses people areNot the tipe of people you my dear, are use too .Know thats all I can say about it for now. Mala sat for a long moment as her head hurt so bad, she wonted to cry her life is all lies.Know that Demsel has arived and opened a new mess , I am sorry mother I know dear you miss me understandable,You have had to put up with me gone for so long but not no more!I gave Mala The gold box mother,You did?Yes she has all the items aswell. Do You have it Mala? Yes , Please go get it ok, Sure Mala headed upstairs too her room , Her brain felt frazziled and fried ,As she returned Demsel looked so upset that she caused a big mess Mala felt sorry for her ,Hey Demsel, Its fine dont worrie that this all happened , I am sure I would have knowen one day, better now when I was young ,and she let a half ass laugh out.Demsel spoke I hope we can be good friends Mala But I have been selfish, I wonted my mother back, And I know the problem I have caused because of it . But I will never let you down I will always be there for you we are sister now.I am sure we will be great friends in my dreams I have seen a girl, Know I understand that part of it, the girl is you. Alina stood in amazement , Mala take the items outta the glod box please, Mala did as she was asked , Can you put them on please , Demsel help her lach the necklace please, Yes mom, now the ring Mala,As Mala put it on she felt funny like her hole body was shaken ,Are You Ok Mala? Demsel asked, I feel kinda weard , How can that be mom, she should feel happy , she has her mothers things,DEMSEL!! Oh my I did it again, Theses are my mothers things, yes Mala Alina replied,Thats her wedding ring an d the necklace your father gave to her to keep them connected.He gave them too me when he handed you to me and told us too run.


Alina had to make a call too the elders to find out what too do now, she excussed herself, as the girls sat and chatted about the things they liked, how close in age, they really were, And yes Alina was here mothers best friend,So atleast that part was the truth.mala felt still shakey but choose not pay attion too it,OK Girls we have too pack. Alina said as she came back in the room, What were are we going Mala asked,We are taken you home,But I warn you home is defenetly not what your use too things are different were we are from ok, So I will try my best too awnser questions that you have .How far is home?Up north about a ten hour drive so get too packing.


Mala Blared the music so she could not pay attion to how her body felt , Mala Demsel asked, I will help you when we get home dont be afraid at the hings you may see , Like my mother said we are all different ok.Thats fine I am sure I will be ok I put up with horred dreams well parts of it are, DreamsDemsel asked , Yes but the dream is aways the same kinda, it changes or just shows me a little at a time more then I seen befor.Really thats interesting that you have dreams. Maybe thats apart of you that your not sure of yet, What do you meen by that, Well I have certain things specail about me,

I dont think my dreams are enything but speacil, You never know Mala things your about too find out about yourself, will change you forever, and with thatDemsel left the room.




As all three of the girl loaded up the car they were all so quiet , Ok Girls lets go, We have a long drive.

It seemed like forever with outta word from no one. But it was nice made Malas head feel better.She leand back and dozzed off for what she thought was only a second when Alina was waking her up.Mala dear were here , Mala was rubbing her eyes it was dark out I didnt sleep that long Did I she got outta the car and followed the Girls inside this big dark house. As they enter the Door, Mala was a bit scared due to the fact the house was so dark But inside it was beautiful so mordenfull of light but why didnt it look that way from outside. Hello Mother A tall Man walked into the room, Ah Drake come her my son and give me a kiss, he did as she aked, Drake this is Mala,Hello Mala nice to finaly meet you all Mala could say Was hello, because this man was a beautiful site,Drake smile and turned to grab her bags, Come I will show you your room.Damsel folowed for she had to deal with her brother now ,he was going to kill her, And for you my little sister he said, I will deal with you later Got that? Yes as she hung her head, he giggled and said Look it was wrong but I understand You missed mom..

Yes I did But it was wrong of me to do what I did, I will make it up too everyone for the rest of my life Drake I promiss, Its fine but hmmmmm maybe a sister slave would be good as he laughed.Ok Mala This is your room please make yourself at home as he placed her bag on the bed .My mothers room is on the second floor and Demsel is rite beside you ok, , Mala could not take her eyes of this man, he was so musculier and his eyes were unexplanabul it made her body feel like she was floting , Mala did you here me, Oh yes thank you, as she started to unpack if you need enything I am the room down the hall, and in a second as she look up from her bag he was gone.

Finally all the packing undone , Mala loved the room, it was so her Light yellow With lite green window coverings and the Bed it was Huge canapy bed she flooped back on it and lay there, suddenly Demesl came inHi You how do you like your room if you dont we can fix it the way you wont it may call for some shopping, and she smiled. Oh I am not a big shopper Demsel I get in and get the hell out ,Well thats ok the town is small and I would love tommorow to show you if mother says it ok, That sounds great, And hey Your Brother,she said with her face all red from Her blushing, He is very cute, Well I wouldent say that he is my brouther on the other hand Jett is more me my brothers friend you will meet him, Oh you like his friend ?? Shhh Dont say a word please if Drake knew he would see too it that jett made sure too stay away from me, OH your brother dont like you dateing his friends . Hell no ,and if he thought jett was interested like he would be ,that would be halted real fast. Now come we must meet my Mother and the elders ok.Desmel stood up and wated for Mala to stand, Hey Mala, Dont worrie ok I got your back , Dont let things get too you , If they do just leave the room its a trick when I would be in a spot with the elders, It works they let you alone trust me you will be fine. And they both headed to the parlor.



As Desmel Opened the parlor, Mala stood at the doors, staring into the room full of people looking at her like they Seen a ghost, she new she was a bit pale but gess am I that scary looking she thought.

Why hello ladys do come in Alina said, please sit down,Mala sat rite away because she felt like she was about to fant.. Oh my Goodness dear are you ok, A short hair Youngerlady in the chair in front of Mala said. I am Eternity.Mala tried to blink too make sure she was seing things ok, Hi There I ammmm



Oh my grab a glass of water she has fanted , Alina jumped to her feet befor enyone else and was gone and back like a flash of lite . Mala dear drink this you will feel better , I told you all this is too much in one day for her,Eternity Stood up. Alina I Just said hello calm down your a mother hen I didnt know she was that delacate, Ladys!!! Please Stop Your Bitchen, your scaring the child. Mala, tried to see who said it ,but was still kinda faint, and the room was kinda darker then the rest. Back away and give the child air,at that moment the ladys sat and didnt say anouther word.Talon Looked at Mala .Are you ok ? Well still a bit dizzy but I am fine , Good I am Talon and I am finaly Glade too meet you again Little one ,At that moment something felt fimilier about him.I meet you befor Really? Yes little one you have. If I did I do Apolagize I dont remember you, He suddenly Busted out a big Laugh. Did I say something funny too you I am sereouis here.Malas voice seemed shakey. But stronger, Father may I speek Plase , Demsel stood rite there beside her Mala Chair holding her hand , Mala felt her grip get tight it sent a rush of flower sent into malas nose.My Beautiful Corshka Demsel grip got a bit tigter at this point,Dont you think then lips have said quite enough? Well awnser Me, Demsel Bowed her head , But daddy I just could not stop the connection with Mala. The sent pulled me too find her, You have too forgive me she look up with them big dark brown eyes and Batted her lashes that were to die for I wish I had them .

Do you think that look your giving me Corshka, is going to work on your father now when your tweanty three years old ? No do come on dear Give it a rest,she didnt take the look of her father. He laughed and looked at Mala and her , Its fine it was about time yous meet,and bent and kissed them both lightly on the head.Ok know I understand its been a day for the both of yous so much crazy stuff, But its nice to have my women home were she belongs, I hated playing willam. Are you kidding me this guy is that guy from the club, ok I am crazy lock me up, Mala said, out loud,Alina stood beside Talon holding his arm. Eveyone leave the room, But five now go. Thank godness she didnt see rite or she really wouuld be in the loonie bin ,Demsel giggled cause her father was a funny man, really and she loved him so much, And the look still works she thought. as she giggle quietly, You may stay Thank you, father and she sat, quiet wating for what was going to be said. For a moment the room was quiet,So still like you probably could here a pin drop Then Talon spoke,welcome to are home Mala,I do hope you like your room ,yes thank you , Good now I am going to tell you some things that may as your younger genaration say Freak you out? Mala let a laugh out so did Demsel, Is that ok Mala because we can countinue in the morning Demsel holding tight still to her hand had no clue what was going to be said , But she promissed to stand by her ,No matter what.

No Please I think I have wated long enough please. Very well what I am to say must stay amoung only the ones around us, in this room , Father ? Eternity said, Drake is not here, I will fill him in that she knows,

Know Little one Were do I begin, Oh yes your Father Thorne, My Brother he is a fine man you will love him once you see him,Him and Myself are part of the elder's Because we founded here ,This island up nourth is privet too outsiders ok remember that , if you bring someone in You must come speek to us that is very inportet Mala! do not forget that rule, But I am your uncal, and Alina is yes your aunt, OH My GOD, Mala Felt faint once again, Drink Child Alina said softy,So all in this room ,is a true bloodline from are race, Are community is made up of people that are of mixed cultures,

Are community is different from what you would call one,Here were Vampires , wolfes, some fairies ect the list goes on and yes Humen are in the mix amunge us as well Were all one sort of halfbreed thats why here is. But we all live as one here No Looks no Oh my gods, And cetrtainly Control amung all of us. Are you ok So far Little one if not I will continue later,Malas grip tightened on Demsel hand this time, Excuse me Father, Yes Eternity , I do beleave Mala should get some rest dont you to, let sook in ,what all ready has been told? Yes Demsel, Please show Mala around and make yourself mala at home. Eny Questions, Yes So I am what? Talon Laughted, A half Breed , Vamp ire and mortal, My mothers name?Mara . Mala looked and smiled Thnk You now to let it soke in until anouther day ,Your all excused for the nite be Careful if Out Demsel, Yes father will be fine lets go Cuz we must begin are learning.


As the girls headed up the stairs drake, Smiled at Mala, Desmel shook her head and Bulush'ed at the fact that Drake too notice , Its good atleast he is alive that way..She never thought he would have intrest in enything But Himself. As the girls reached there rooms they both went to Desmels room because there rooms were ajoined so it did not matter what door they use, they both floped on to the big bed , Mala are you ok , Yes why do you ask, well thats a lot to find out in one dayYour mom rased me to be strong or just good at it they both giggled , So your Brother , My Brother is not really by blood, Really yes he is father son, But thats a different storie and too long too tell, But I am sure he will fill you in on his storie , I saw him look at you, Oh it was just a look, No he dont look at Girls in that way not that I have seen since he came here two years ago to live,Really is he Gay, Hell no and dont let him here you say that,and she laughed, So do you need me too fill you in on anything about what you hurd tonight, Well maybe one thing Mala said, What about my parents? Do you think I will ever know them? I am sure your Father and the rest will find your mother and Yes you will see them , She said with a big smile But my father keeps me from all that so I sneek thats how I found you and my mother,Bad but I am a bit evel and this time she laughed so hard it brought tears too her eys, as she tried to breathe she said Get it eveil vampire hahahahahahand tthey both this time laughed like they never had Befor.



As the sun peeked up Mala thought about all that was said to her and she couldent get how she could be a half breed , witch one of her parents are what , Was she all humen or is there vamp in here blood too if so she didnt feel like she was dead, she giggled to her self I am sure I will get my awnsers when they tell me the rest she thought as she headed down the stairs too the kitchen , to grab a cup of java when she ran right into HIM,Mala stoped in a instent and looked up all red in the face, I am sorry she said with a soft voice, I didnt see you , Drake looked down at the 5 foot nothing as a girl , Its fine just be carefull of watching were you walk, She stared up in amazement his face so perfact and thoses eyes wow there just stunning greens browns blues all in one beautiful face , So why in such a hurry ? House on fire, Mala looked stund he sounded harsh but sweet all in one, I was going for coffee , Well just look at were your going ok and he turned and walked away, wow did she just feel like a ass she thought , but why what did she do just bump the big bully and with that she headed off to get that coffee she so did need.


Goodmorning little one , Good morning , Did you sleep well, With what just happened too me does he think I should have But she kindly awnserd yes.Goodmoring father ,hey Mala your awake I though you might still be sleeping if you got much? I hurd you all nite making noises and walking around, I am sorry Mala said my nite was rough for sure I maybe sleept two hours tops.Well next time wake me up , I dont mind I didnt get much neather,as the girls talked Talon could not get over how she looked so much like her mother but she had her fathers eyes striking Crystl blue, Mala wonts to know about whats going on with her parents Demsel siad softly to her father, Mala looked at Demsel like a ghost, Do You know little one ? I would like too know myself he though he couldent tell her about the war , she wouldent understand he had shelltered Desmel from it so he cant tell her, The war is between elders and Collany they wouldent understand and its far to Dangerous for eather of them too know, Look yur father is a strong man he will do what he has too to keep looking for your mother , As for know I just wont you to go shop and have fun be girls for christ sake and he laughed no go Do what girls your age normaly do, and Demsel will show you around the island, Did he say Island? Oh I forgot to tell you that part, Its a privet island noone other then who lives in the community can get on it. Really And were up nourth Mala said , Yes. Didnt see the boat Its at the docks I will show you were they are so you know if you wont to get across ok, Sure thats fine,Are you ok Mala, Yes just frazzled I am not use to all this I may be strong on the outside but on the inside I am a fucking mess to tell you the truth and I just wont to run, OK. Demsel looked shooked she really never thought about how she may have really felt , Well I will help you get over that part the best I coul,d but I cant promiss maricals ok,Desmel smiled we are family I will help with what I can But the Pearnts part Desmel thought to herself is going to hard too keep from here she is too much like here mother stuborne is what Desmel mother said, Funny Desmel thought, Sneekie is much better.




The End

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