Beautiful Desater The Darkness RevealedMature


As the music blare's Mala throw's her feet off the bed and reach's for the alarm to shut it off,Damn It's daylight again it's like I never sleep any more and now I am talking to myself "great" she grabs her housecoat and head's down stairs to see if Alina is awake yet.


Good Morning Mala how did you sleep Dear. Please Alina you know what my answer is to that question! why do you keep asking me? you know them damn dreams never stop, I am sorry dear habit I guess now sit I grab you some java. Mala sat, grab the papper, as Alina put the cup infront off her , What's on your list today Alina any thing new happing in that social club? Alina "Blushed" Well today we will be going too the museum, for the day should be fun I think , Will That cute guy be there today what's his name again on ya I remember Walter, stop it Mala he is just my friend, Alina said as her face went so red it matched the scarf she wore around her neck. Well I would love to stay and chat but I don"t wont to be late. Alina Smiled and walked away, Have a nice day dear she shouted as she walked out the door, You too Mala Replied oh a package came today for you not sure who it is from, but its on your bed dear bye" and she turned and walked out the door. Mala jumped up and ran up the stair's so quick it felt like her feet never touched the floor, Wait a second how did she get that package on my bed without me seeing her Damn Alina is good She thought to herself I could never figure her out, she looked the same, as she did when I was 3 beautiful and elagant,at 50 I wish too look Just as Beautiful as her. now to that package hmmmm lets just see, As she rips the papper of the box and rips the seal tape off as she looked inside all she saw was alittle Gold box as she reached for it too pull it out the phone rings" Hello" is this Mala, Yes it is, may I ask who this is, Well my name is Emmy did'nt you get my package? Emmy I don"t know enyone by that name maybe you have the wrong person, No I don't please just look in the package i will contact you in a hour and she hung the phone up,Hello You there Ok lets see why that girl sounded so hyper about. as she picked up the little gold box shiver's were racing threw her vain"s she opened the box to see what the big deal was,and what she found inside was necklace with a ring attached too it , Mala took the necklace out of the box ,and was just looking at it, as if she remembered it from some were, but were?"RING" Hello Hi its Emmy again please tell me you did as I asked,Slow down girl Yes I did Mala replied, good do you like it , Mala curious "Um m m" yes but what does it have to do with me, it belong"s too you, I will explain Later, can you please meet me at the coffee shop around the conner from you, Emmy waited for a answer Yes I could But ,Emmy did not wait for her to finish, Good be there in ten o'clock don"t be late Goodbye. Mala"s heart was rasing so fast she was scared, but yet wondering what this necklace and ring had to do with Her, and why this hyper sounding girl, want's to meet with her. she grab her coat and Ran out the door. Mala walked closer to the coffee shop,all she could think about was what did that gold box mean, And the necklace with the ring, I have never seen that Mala thought ,this has to be someone else's maybe the girl has the wrong person it happen's.Oh well there's only one way to find out , as Mala took a big breath, and reached for the door. As she entered the room she got this weard feeling, like she was floating toward this table at the center of the room,

She shook it off and went to the center table and sat down,Can I get you smthing mame the lady standing beside the table said,Oh I am sorry I was not paying attion, Thats ok mame Coffee, Yes two cream and surger Thank You,Outta the conner of Mala's eyes she seen Lady staring at her threw the window the girl walked in she headed right in Mala's Direction could this be the Girl on the phone, Mala Thought No way I know her. Hello Mala I am Damsel may I sit, Yes, But how did you know I was how you were looking for, I senced it, Senced it what do you meen by that!Mame Coffee yes black please right away , Damsel staried at the girl infront of her, You are as I thought Young Beautiful and the feeling that come off you are so pure funny all scatted and confused your mind is. OK Mala Said as she stood up I am leaven , No dont leave sit, just Hear me out I didnt meen too freak you out, Mala didnt know weather to sit or run, She did as the girl asked, Ok look I been looking for you and it took me a long time too find you.I Know some things about you Mala and I need you to know I am not here to bring you any harm, GO on Mala awnserd , I know where your from and who your family is, mala staired at the girl like she was nut's, Dont look at me like that, I am telling you the truth. Alina has defenetly keep this from you hasent she? Damsel wated for the girl too speek,I dont understand how you know all this but Alina would not keep things's from me she has been the only person that's been there for me all I know is my parents were killed and Alina was my mother's best friend, That's how she ended up with me , I am telling you she told you wrong Mala sit back down plaese I dont meen to upset you. Tell me more Mala said to the girl and dont leave eny thing out, Fine I can only tell you certain thing's I know, but I will do my best.

The End

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