Not Again...

I'd just given up looking for my replacement for the Sands when two of the three from before turned up. I found out their names were Sunny and Kerri, and that Sunny was a fallen angel and Kerri a werewolf. I told them my name was Arathan and they both looked a little confused by it. I don't blame them, Elven names are tough. We spoke for a while, something I'm pretty proud of considering my shyness, before somone else appeared.

It was a girl with black hair and a tan. And she came out of the trees. Was she a Wood Elf? I started to panic a little. My clan weren't exactly on good terms with the Wood Elves at the moment. She seemed harmless enough, though, and I relxed a little. Sunny waved at her and she smiled. I, overcome by shyness, just nodded my head. I saw her making a quick assessment of me as she shook my hand and could pretty much guess what was coming next.

"Y'know, you're kinda cute....for a Sand Elf" she said and smiled at me.

Sunny gave a laugh and I gave the girl a small smile before looking at my feet. This always happened. Ever since leaving the Sands it's happened over and over again. The girl announced herself as Tirs, the pureblood princess. A princess? The only princess I knew of was Princess Araelya, and she was holed up in the castle at Tir'ock. I'm not too sure what a pureblood was either. Maybe it was a kind of vampire. What am I saying? Vampires aren't real. Right?

One thing I do know for sure, though, is that I've been mistaken for a boy. Again.

The End

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