A vamp with wings???


Ebony went to go hunt, Kerri and I went to go find the sand elf. When we did, we got talking. It was a boy...I think.

I heard a snap from above, I looked up, nothing.

Then another angel came out of then tree's....No, not an angel....A vampire???? With wings??? God, this forest just got more and more confusing!

I smiled at her, she waved back. She put out hr hand for the sand elf to shake. He did.

"Ya know, your kinda cute...For a sand elf!"She smiled, I laughed. The elf, who's name was too laong and complicated for me to remember, smiled and looked down. Then she said politly, "I'm Tris, the pureblood princess."Pureblood? Ebony had never told us about them!Who were they? WHAT are they? Oh boy, Ebony is going to have a loooot of questions to answer when he gets back!!! I gave her a quizzical smile and tugged Kerri's hands, she looked at me with confused, yellow eyes.

The End

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