Kinda Cute...For A Sand Elf

I heard laughing, and I flew up nd through the branches. I saw a werewolf, a fallen angel and  Sand Elf, standing together. I watched them through the branches. I walked out, and smiled as they smiled and waved. The Sand Elf gave a slight nod of the head, nothing more. I giggled. I put out my hand to the Sand Elf, who shook it. I smiled softly at him. Hmm...coming of age tattoo, battle scars, muscular....

"Y'know, you're kinda cute....for a Sand Elf." I smiled at him. The fallen angel gave a laugh, and the Sand Elf gave a small smile, looking down at himself. I giggled, and gave a little curtsey. "I'm Tirs. I'm the Pureblood Princess." I told them.

The End

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