The idea of living in a forest upset me a little. But when you've been outcasted by your clan and banished from the Sands where do you go? I'm a Sand Elf, by the way. I was outcasted by my clan for helping a Dark Elf. I'm not sure why, we weren't exactly enemies. But here I was in the forest of Zee-Zinc, miles away from my home. I passed by a group of three friends but chose not to introduce myself. I'm shy. And I wanted to find somewhere that resembled the Sands in the forest. What are the chances?

So, about my looks. I look pretty much like your typical Elf. Around 6ft tall, slim build and those delicately pointed ears. Now for the Sand Elf to kick in. Sand Elves have a more defined point to their ears and the tops of our ears tend to grow at a different angle to our cousins. Our skin is a golden colour which helps us blend in with the sand. It might also be the amount of sun we're exposed to. We have dark blue hair whereas our cousins tend to have black or silver hair. Sand Elves are generally more muscular than Elves, a fact we take pride in. And finally, a Sand Elf coming of age custom is to have a tattoo below the right eye. Each design is unique to the Elf as they have to design it.

On a personal note, my coming of age tattoo starts at the middle of my eye and reaches down below my cheekbone in the shape of a short handled scythe, the handle starting at my eye and extending to my cheekbone. And the blade extends down, lining up with the corner of my mouth. Obviously it's not that big, it only runs down to about the level of the tip of my nose.
And across my left eye I have three scars; claw marks. Remember that Dark Elf I mentioned before? Courtesy of him.

The End

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