Gentle Vampire Princess

I walked into Zee-Zinc jungle, feeling rejected. I had been travelling for days, walking through deserts, over hills and over oceans to reach this beautiful vivid jungle. I was cast away from family and friends, then out of human society. I sat down on the leafy foilage on the floor, folded my wings close to my back, and sighed.

I haven't introduced myself. I am Tirs, the only gentle pureblood vampire to ever exist. There are three sorts of vampire. There are the Pureblood, who are born vampires, and come from a long line of ancient vampire lords. Then, there are the Noble-bloods, who were born vampires into a family of humans. Then, there were the Converts, who are humans that are bitten by Purebloods. Purebloods were the top of the heap. No one apposed them. They were like the royalty in the race.

I have long, black, silky hair that reaches the bottom of my back, slightly tanned skin, unlike my relations, who bleach their skin. My lips are pale pink, instead of blood red, and my eyes. I love my eyes most of all. They were a dark, rich blue that comfort you, make you feel safe, while my relations have black or red eyes. I was a princess.

A Pureblood Princess. I had been cast away by my mother, who had been killed by my father for doing so. Each Pureblood can only have one child in thier lifetime, and it happened that I was the daughter of the King of Purebloods. I was the heir to his throne, and now he was searching for me. He wouldn't find me though. In my travels, I had gained black, feathery wings that could lift me high into the air. An angel had felt sorry for me, and given them to me while I slept. I could fold them in and out as I pleased. I only drank occasionally from my own blood, as not to harm anyone. I dreaded my 16th birthday, that was coming soon. My father ws sure to find me on the full moon of my birthday, and take me back, find me a fiance, and make me Queen of Purebloods. I would make sure he wouldn't find me. I hoped that I could find some friends here in this jungle.

The End

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