I miss dreaming.

After who-knows-how-many-years it is the one thing i feel the loss of. Not the breathing, not the eating, not even the pleasure of being alive. Just the dreaming. Sometimes when everyone else is tucked up in their beds in their little sancturaries of dreamland i watch them. just sit all night and watch them sleep. Kerri is one of the funniest! due to her being a were she sometimes barks and runs in her sleep, i have to put my hard, white hand over my mouth to prevent laughs from escaping.

Ever since i came to Zee-Zinc forest i have reverted more and more back to my younger days. I was turned to vampirism at the tender age of six and haven't aged a day since, i'm as old a dirt but have no wrinkles some of us are just lucky! after a few hundred years i had begun to resign myself to a lifetime of lonliness and believe me i didn't like that concept. Suprisingly in the time i ahve been in this forest i have 'collected' two friends. Although they are not the most normal of....well not people as such but we'll use that phrase to make things simpler. Anyway both are different somehow to everyday humans one is werewolf and one is a fallen angel. Cool huh? As i'm the oldest, i found them. But i'm glad i did, Kerri and Sunny have made my neverending existance bearable and they'll never know how greatful i feel.

If you were to stumble across the three of us, you would get quite a shock with sunny and her black wings, Kerri with her yellow eyes and jet black hair and me with my deathly white pallor and red iris's. Everyone here is a supe, and everone is strangely beautiful, i like it here alot. Here i am treat my age which is somewhere in the region of seven-hundred years or so, can't really remember. Not important if you ask me age is but a number. 

The End

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