Beautiful Creatures

Come to the forest of Zee-Zinc, where all the shunned creatures go. You'll be accepted, taken in and be able to live freely. Humans welcome...Although, you are most likely to turn into one of us....


Hi, I'm Sunny, or thats what they call me here, Zee-Zinc forest. I'm a angel. I did some baaaaaf things in my time. Like, uh, helping the deamons get into heaven. They swore they could give me refuge afterwards. And they showed me here. I live here now. I live in the ground, a large hole that was dug for me, it's  nicely furnished and I have access to clean water and proper food.

Here, we live in happiness, I'm not afraid of the angels that were once my people. I have friends; Kerri, is a werewolf, she used to live in a town called Bradford, then when she was turned she found the forest and has lived here for 4 years. Ebony is a vampire. He's been one since he was 6. He is very old. But he doen't know HOW old. Teehee.

I love it here. And I always welcome people into my home, Kerri and Ebony live there with me. I don't mind. Just as long as Ebony doesn't leave blood on the carpet. And I make Kerri leave the house when she is phasing into a werewolf. So we live in peace and we hardly ever argue. In fact, we could be classed as normal....sometimes.

I don't have white wings anymore. They turned black when I fell. And I did, literally fall. I fell at 1,000 miler per hour, then I hit the ground, it hurt, alot! I landed in the midle of Zee-Zinc.

So come and live here where we, the shunned, beautiful creatures come. When all we had was nothing.

The End

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