Chapter 4 Cameron's Target

Chapter 4

Cameron’s Target


“So are you ever gonna answer that phone?” Cameron’s father was an ex-spy and so knew the dangers of upsetting the director of the agency.

“I’ll answer it eventually.” Cameron said as he swallowed his soggy cheerio’s he had doused them in sugar, milk and a jug of golden syrup.

“Oh I get it, your giving her the silent treatment, or is it the get them wanting more situation?” Cameron looked up at his inquisitive father, who was sitting at the dining room table gulping down a gallon of milk.

“Neither father. I am just not answering the phone because I have had enough of her breathing fire down my throat through the phone.”

“So answer and tell her to do it via email, because then you get to use the excuse of “my computers not working” and then she will send a free one for me with one of those touch screens and that huge memory 80 GB boy, 80 GB!” Cameron laughed at his father’s sense of humour towards his boss.

“I’m bet your glad you got out of the spy business before the dragon lady popped her fine ass in the director’s chair.”

“So you admit she has a fine ass.” His father stood up collecting the glasses and plates off the sweet dining room table.

“How would I know I have never seen it?” Cameron crouched over his Cheerio bowl as if he were protecting it from the grim reaper.

“Well then the answer to your original question is no. No I will never be happy about the fact that I got myself out of the spy business.”

“I know you miss it.” Cameron pushed his bowl towards his father softly so not to offend.

“Yes now I am homemaker/clearing up women.”

“Sorry yes I was meaning to clean up after myself but I have to go answer that call.” Cameron got down from the table. His dad scoffed at his laziness.

“Oh yeah of course.” He wiped the counter table over with a damp yellow cloth and smiled and laughed.

Cameron climbed the stairs as if he was taking drills. From behind a pink door with the words ANNIE written in large purple colouring, came the little pixie girl from the morning scene of ice water.
“Cammie, will you help me with my maths homework?”

“Sure Annie, just let me take this phone call then I’ll come help, go get changed.” Cameron smiled as she turned away a little bit in a sulk from having to get changed out of her pink Pyjamas with little china dolls on.

Cameron turned on his printer expecting a fax from Jessica who he was imagining sitting at her desk waiting patiently for his return phone call. She never left voicemail’s mostly because of the obvious reasons that if the spy loses his or her phone and the target hears the conversation he or she will know the strategies of the spy on the mission.

He looked in a little pouch in a polyester backpack he used for when he went on missions.

He removed from the little patch a black Nokia phone with a rim of silver on the top.

He unlocked the phone and looked at the little sub heading on the screen saying missed calls. 29 in the last hour, 34 in the hour before, obviously Jessica was desperate to hear from Cameron.

He went into his contacts and called the number under “The Dragon Lady.”

“Hello Cameron.” Came a snappy posh English voice on the other end of the phone.

“Jeez you leave no time for the dialling tone, do you?”

“I find it annoying, un-needed and stupid.”

“So you then, in continuous tone.” Cameron smiled to himself, Jessica clapped her hands slowly obviously annoyed from the comment.

“Ha Ha bloody Ha, now lets move on from your stupid jokes onto more serious work. You’re target should be coming through your fax machine now.”

“The real thing or the profile?” Jessica scoffed sarcastically from the other line, “Oh my I’m cracking up, L-O-L.” Cameron laughed under his breath undetectably.

“I heard that.” Well he thought undetectably.

“You hear everything don’t you, you remind me of paparazzi you know.”

“Oh yeah how?”

“Always there when there not wanted, hear everything and want everything.”

“You missed out cunning and sneaky.”

“Of course you are. So who’s my target?”

“His name is Dillon Green, 26 years old, smart, enigmatic and totally gorgeous.”

“Down girl, I bet he will want nothing to do with you if he has any sense of self-preservation at all.”

“Honestly you should make insulting me a sport. Do these insults come naturally or do you really have to think real hard because I prefer if it came naturally.”


“Because then I know that you think about me.”

“That is incredibly cheesy and inappropriate Jessica.” Annie’s pixie head with its long mousy brown locks poked around the door into Cameron’s room.

“Ewe are you talking to your girlfriend?”

“No, yuck! No I’m talking to my boss Jessica.”

“Ewe worse.” Cameron scoffed and smiled giving his little sister a high five before hand gesturing her out the room.

“I taught her well.”

“You would say that.”

“To answer your original question, it comes naturally. I just have a gift of insulting you.”

“Yeah right. Anyway Dillon Green. Have you got the facts yet?”

“Yeah just printing now. What is the mission, secret info passing, collection, negotiation? What?”


“Destruction? Wait, I don’t do destruction not since my mother.”

“I heard you were the best for the job and I need you to do this for me.”

“I dunno? I’ll talk to my dad about it see how he will feel.”

“You’re over 18 make the decision yourself.”

“Yes I’m over 18 but I still live in his house I’m not going to get kicked out.”

“Well if its eviction you’re worried about I’ll double the price.”

“What is the price for destruction?”

“15000 a man. You have one who is extremely difficult I’ll give you 30000 for him plus extra if you do it in less than 5 bullets.”

“Who says I use bullets?”

“I do, bomb’s will blow your position, literally.”

“Fine, but I’m still not sure.”

“Look at the information and phone me the answer before the end of the day if possible and don’t ignore my phone calls in future, or you will regret it.”

“Oh I’m so scared.”

“You should be, remember I know where you live.”

“Very clever.”

“Who says that only men have sense of humour?”

“Of course Jessica, no one has your sense of humour.”

“Cool, see ya Cameron.”

“See ya Jessica.”


The fax interrupted the silence prolonging the phone calls finish, beeping as it explained on its little screen that it had finished printing.

Destruction was not something that Cameron was comfortable with, not since his mother had died while on a mission of destruction.

Cameron pulled the sheet of paper from the grips of the beeping machine and walked out the door without so much as a glance at the piece of paper which was held tightly in between in his fingertips.

As he walked out the door he heard Annie humming to herself in the bathroom in between her brushing strokes of her toothbrush.

Cameron stood outside for a minute and watched and listened as Annie brushed and spat and washed the sink out.

Cameron lent against the wall as Annie played stupid to not being able to hear his even breathing from the sink, her rough hands twisted the tap as she filled the sink with water.

She dipped her flannel into the warm water and the she felt the tingling feeling in her back as Cameron’s eyes bared into her and soon the staring became to intense for her to concentrate. Snappishly she turned the tap off and turned around grabbing at a towel as she turned.

Cameron smiled as she looked at him witheringly. “How long did it take for you to figure out I was watching?”

“How long did it take for you to know that I knew that you were watching?”

“About half a second after you turned on the tap. How about you?”

“When you stupidly stood on the floor board which lifts the one right by the toilet, where I was standing.”


“Stupid. What do you want that it couldn’t wait until after I washed my face?”

“That was Jessica on the phone.”

“Oh your girlfriend”

“Shut up.” Annie giggled.

“What did the dragon lady want?”

“You caught that huh?”

“Everyone who has heard of her calls her that thanks to you!”

“Yeah well anyway, she wants me on another mission.” Annie turned around anger and annoyance boiling in her blood.

“Another one” But you just got back!”

“I know; I know, but she says I have to do it.”

“I’m only acting like a spoilt little sister Cameron, if you want to go or have to go I wont mind, unless it’s that type of mission mum was on before… before it happened.” Annie looked at Cameron, tears smearing her brown eyes, she still had the trouble of letting go of her mother since she was so like her and looked like her, it was as if it was a personal torture for her family whenever they saw her because, it reminded them that Helen was dead and it killed Annie to know that she was the cause of so much pain. Cameron couldn’t stand the sight of her watery brown eyes they showed to much emotion for him to hold inside him. He looked down at his feet and shuffled back a bit trying to take up as little space as possible.

“Oh my God, it is, isn’t it?” Emotion rose in Annie’s voice, a mixture of sadness, anger and shock.

“How could you? How could you, after what happened to mum! How can you just decide that you are going off somewhere likely to be killed and leave your family, even though it is already half dead as it is?”

“Would you keep your voice down?” He said as the words hit him hard like a blunt instrument was being twisted in his mind.

“You haven’t told dad have you!” She said the words in a barely audible whisper as though she was insulted or ashamed.

“I don’t know how to break it to him.”

“Whatever you do don’t break it to him the way you just did to me, he will be hurt more than I could ever be.” Tears overflowed her eyelids and the little droplets streamed down her perfectly formed cheek bones.

“Annie if I had known…”

“Known what! Do you even remember what happened to mum or have you forgotten her already!” Cameron’s anger rose above its limits; he walked into the bathroom, silently but as hard as he could shut the door. He turned around to face Annie full on.

“Look Annie, I have never forgotten mum I never shall forget mum! How can you say something like that? I haven’t even chose yet what to do I have just been lumbered with this mission!”

“Well you know my vote.” Annie turned placing the pale blue towel back onto the hanger and dipping her cold hands into the warm water before splashing it on her face.

“Annie I’m…”


“Don’t what?”

“Don’t think that everything is alright again because its not and it never will be if you take that mission! So phone that Dragon Lady and tell her no! Go!” Cameron coughed and looked down at his feet as he shuffled back again.

“I knew it. I knew that you were too much of an escort!” Annie screamed from next to him, her face was dripping with water but she made no attempt to get the towel to wipe them off again.

“How am I an Escort?”

“You’ll do anything for money even for someone you hate!”

“Annie what do you want me to do? I can’t refuse it’s too much of a deal if I give this mission up I shall never be independent and I never have a life.”

“Your right, you take this mission and you won’t have a life!” She pulled the plug from the sink and pushed past Cameron, her pasty face blushing red in heated anger, before leaving the bathroom into her room and slamming the door to her bedroom so that it shook the walls.

“Is everything cool up there?” Cameron’s dad shouted aimlessly up the stairs, Cameron looked down at his feet again and breathed in heavily.

“Yeah dad, just some tension from bathroom usage.”

“Oh, alright then, but you do realise that there are over 5 bathrooms in this house!”

“Yes dad we are aware.”

“Ok, just so you know.” Cameron stared at Annie’s door, the words she spoke echoed in his head painfully like they were drilling into his mind telling him to warn himself off of Jessica and her plans for his career as a successful Spy.

She was giving him his biggest break ever but the harm it may do to his family was perhaps bigger than the break he would get afterwards.

So many question were in his mind to ask his mother, what would she have done and why did she do these destruction mission, how did she deal with it and everything after.

So many un-answered questions played repetitively in his mind, they began to block the advice that Annie had given him so harshly.

The question blocked out everything in his mind. His train of thought; advice everything it was as if the questions had a mind of there own and refused to allow any other thing get in its way.

It was as if the question were telling Cameron what to do instead of his thoughts, as if they had possessed him like a puppet on a string.

Maybe there was no choice in this perhaps he needed to fulfil this mission because it was a way of letting go of all the horrible things that had happened in the last year.

Cameron was suddenly sure of himself and his decision he was going to go on this mission even it meant killing himself, literally.

He took the first look at the paper and smiled, who knew he would have such an easy target.

The End

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