Chapter 2 Dillon Green

Chapter 2

Dillon Green


“Daddy, wake- up. Auntie Moira making pancakes, Hurry and she says she’ll put a smiley face on it. Quickly daddy.”

“Alright sweetie, go tell you’re Auntie that I’m coming, go on.”


Dillon smiled to himself. He sat up rubbing at his eyes, the morning was the most hectic time in his house and he loved every bit of it.

“Dillon, do you want strawberries for eyes or jelly babies.” Dillon’s head perked up, he grabbed his plain white morning top from the chair opposite his bed and grabbed some joggers.

“I should have strawberries.” He shouted lightly.

“Well do you want them or not?”

“Wait a minute I’m coming.”

His little girl popped her head round the door again.

“Daddy, Auntie Moira says she’ll give you toast with marmite on it if you don’t hurry up.”

“But I hate Marmite.” A voice from up the hall emerged. “That’s the point.”

“Then I better hurry up, shouldn’t I sweet pea.” The little nodded her sweet little head and swung her arms.

Dillon swooped his arms down and swung her up onto his shoulder, she giggled as he hugged her.

“I’m going to start counting.” Screamed a female voice from below. Dillon’s and his daughters head jerked and then they were running, running down the stairs and across the hall to the kitchen where Dillon put his little girl on the counter so that she could see what was going on with her pancakes.

“Ahh, here you 2 are. Now Jane there you go, jelly babies for eyes, nose, mouth, hair and ears. There are so many jelly babies I can barely see the pancake. Now you what do you want, jelly babies or strawberries?”

“I’ll have a strong cup of coffee and some golden syrup and sugar, thank you very much Moira.” Said Dillon, as he lightly kissed her on the head.

He went to sit down, but Moira grabbed hold of his collar and tugged him until he turned around and went to the fridge for milk.

“Thank you Dillon.” She said sarcastically as Jane giggled on the counter.

“Now Jane come on we’re going to eat at the table while we watch your daddy flip his pancakes, ok.”

Moira picked up Jane from the counter and placed her on the floor, Jane looked up and picked her plate off the counter and went and sat down at the nice circular table and ate her lemon flavoured pancake.

“She looks more like her mother everyday.” Whispered Dillon as he poured milk into two cups of coffee.

“She acts more like her father everyday as well.” Moira said jokingly.

“Thank you Moira, for all your help around here, I don’t know how we would have survived all this without you.”

“I don’t know how I would have paid the rent without you so I think we’re square.” Dillon laughed, he wasn’t attracted to Moira but having her felt like it did when his wife was there to.

“Daddy, your pancake smells ready.” Smoke rose from the saucepan with the pancake in.

“Ahh, Dillon your pancake looks a bit over cooked.” Dillon looked down at his pan and was shocked at the vision. He picked up the oven mitts from the counter and shook them over the pan hoping to blow the smoke away from the pan but the wind pushed the flames from underneath the pan to rise to light the mitts.

Moira and Jane watched in laughter, but the flames from the cooker stopped Moira’s laughter in its tracks and she was suddenly in safety mode, Jane however continued to laugh at the spectacle as Moira rushed from around the table and whisked the mitts outside through the sliding door into the large garden dunking the flaming mitts into the fishpond. Dillon watched in horror of what he had done.

The kitchen was a scene of smoke and burning smell with the fire alarm whistling in the background.

Moira came in with a sopping pair of oven mitts, no one made a noise in the room except for the continuous laughter of Jane who thought that this morning’s activities were hilarious.

Dillon was second to laugh. “Moira, I think that dunking the oven mitts into the fishpond was a little bit of an over-reaction.” He couldn’t control his laughter any longer the noise of funniness pushed its way out.

“Oh so you think this is funny?” Dillon and Jane nodded still in hysteric fits of laughter.

“Oh so you wouldn’t care if you set the house on fire.”

“Mitts on fire would probably not set a house on fire you know.”

“Yeah but a saucepan on fire might.”

“Yes but there isn’t a saucepan on fire is there.”

“Isn’t there look to your left?” The pancake sauce-pan was lit with orange flames, Dillon eyes opened wide and his mouth shut tight, Jane’s mouth just opened wider as more hysterical laughter poured out.

Dillon looked at Moira struggling to think of something to say again, Moira rolled her eyes and picked up the saucepans and went out the sliding door again and as she did Jane shouted out the door. “Don’t burn the fish; I don’t like Goldfish and chips.”

Dillon couldn’t hold it in fell down in laughter, Jane toppled on top of him in so much hysterics that she could barely breathe.

Moira dunked the burning pan in to the pond and didn’t bother to get it out again.

She went inside and shut the sliding doors, grabbed a pillow off f one of the dinner table seats and exited the smoky room to the landing where she swung the pillow back and forth until the smoke alarms whistling deceased. She came back into the kitchen and walked around the counter to see Dillon and Jane huddled on the floor in fits of laughter.

“So you think this is funny, so funny in fact that you are rolling on the floor because it is so funny.”

“Come on Auntie Moira lighten up.” Moira looked at Jane with her mouth open wide and when Jane knew she was in trouble she pointed at Dillon with her little finger pointing upwards.

Dillon looked at Jane and smiled before breathing out harshly.

“You little rascal, you.”

“What should we do to her?” Dillon looked at Moira and smiled deviously.

“I should run, shouldn’t I?” Dillon and Moira looked at Jane again and nodded at the same time. Jane screamed and clambered up on her tiny little legs and made a run for it up the stair across the landing and into her bedroom.

Dillon smiled and giggled under his breath so it was barely audible, before he looked at Moira.

She stood on a little step reaching up into a cupboard to get some spray and a cloth.

Dillon got up from the cold tiled floor. “I guess I am in trouble.”

Moira continued to search for some spray. “Consider the use of your Jelly Babies punishment.”

“Wait a minute those were my Jelly Babies, I got yesterday to treat myself.”

Moira turned her head smiled and nodded. “You burnt the kitchen.”

Nearly! Nearly burnt the kitchen you mean.”

“Fine you nearly burnt the kitchen with all of us in it.”

“Yes but using my jelly babies isn’t punishment that’s just plain cruel.”

“Well tough, they are safely being digested in the stomach of your daughter.” Then perfectly on cue there was a retching sound from the upstairs bathroom. Dillon looked back at Moira, smirking. “What was that about the jelly babies being safely in my daughter’s stomach?”

“It’s your fault, if you hadn’t nearly burnt the kitchen she wouldn’t have laughed her breakfast up.”

“Don’t blame this on me; this could just be your cooking.”

“No time for your wise-cracks grab the glass of water on the side and go help her before she throws up her stomach.” Some more sounds of retching came from upstairs.

“Too late.” Moira rolled her eyes and puffed out. Dillon smiled and turned around to go upstairs.

“Oh, Dillon.” Dillon’s head poked around the door.

“Your phone buzzed earlier I think it was Jessica.” Dillon smiled and nodded.


















The End

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