Two Men...
One Girl...
All Spies...
Cameron Cummings, Dillon Green & Amy Chambers are all spies working for the same women.
They had never met yet they were all sent to kill each other!
The Story is about there type of relationship as they realise they have been set-up!
What Relationships will blossom?
What Hardships will come?
How are they going to Survive?



Chapter 1

Cameron Cummings


“Cameron! Cameron your phone’s buzzing. Wake-up buddy, come on.”

In the corner of the un-tidy room, in a little phone cover, a buzzing noise was getting louder by the second it was creeping up into the normal volume of a telephone and it was irritating Cameron’s ears so much that he was so close to jumping out of his bed and stomping on the thing, but the thought of getting up was like someone telling him to climb Mt Everest naked and with his bare hands.

As Cameron managed to scramble one foot out of his bed with the little energy he had, his father walked in and lent against the door frame.

“You know that you aren’t being a great role model for your sister.”

“How is not bothering to answer my phone being a bad role model, I believe that I am showing her that not every phone call is important.” Came a muffled voice from under the blue bed covers.  Cameron’s father stood from the door frame and clapped his hands slowly 3 times before leaning back against the door frame.

“I am amazed you can pull a sentence together, really that has to be a reason for you to win the Nobel Prize.” Cameron’s head popped out from under the cover and screwed up his face. “The Buzzing sounds louder from here.” He sighed with his scruffy hair spreading itself all around his face.

“Then answer it you lazy boy!” Cameron’s head fell as he snuggled back into his duvet, his dad walked away from the door frame.

“Mum wouldn’t care if I didn’t answer it!” His dad’s head popped around the edge of the door frame again.

“Well your mother’s not here, and believe me the people on the other end of that call will not be happy that you aren’t answering you know.” Cameron’s scruffy head swiftly came up from underneath his covers.

“You’re very calm about mum not being here anymore.” Cameron was a little less sarcastic now more sympathetic, his dad shrugged gently, he crept more into the bedroom walking slowly towards.

“She wouldn’t want us to be upset forever, and I think she would be screaming at you to pick up that bloody phone.”

“Yeah, but you never seemed to be that bothered after she died.”

“Believe me I did my share of the mourning and some more, but everyone does it differently, like you for example. You bottled it all up and took it out on your boxing mannequin.”

“Yeah but I bottled it up because I have to my job and because of Annie, she was the one with the most trouble coping afterwards, especially because we had to tell her what we do or you did.”

“Yes I know. But don’t ever think that I didn’t love your mother because she was the thing that completed me, even though she was the one that had the hardest time letting go.”

The Buzzing was getting louder again and it sounder as if it were never going to stop.

“Right I have had enough, do I have to pick it up myself or are you gonna do it because I swear I shall scream at the person down the other side and I couldn’t give a toss if its Jessica I shall swear my head off?” Cameron grunted and pushed the blue, old bedcover over his head again. “Go ahead, I hate Jessica.”

“I thought you thought she was fit.” He removed the cover from Cameron’s strong grip to look at him; Cameron twisted his head to look at his father witheringly. “I did think this stupid thought but I have recently come to my sense to see she is an evil Warlord in a fit female figure. Now if you’ll excuse me.” Cameron tried to pull the bedcover over is head again but his father’s grip was locked on the cover.

“You leave me no choice.” He said. “Annie love…”

“Yeah Dad.” came a little female voice from across the hall, and a little blonde head revealed itself from the behind the door frame, her Brown eyes shone out into the sunlit room.

“Love what do you want to do, Tickle Monster or Ice Bucket?”

“Can we have both?” Her sweet little pixie voice returned, full of excitement and agitation. Cameron’s dad looked at his son, who was secretly trying not to smile,

“You wouldn’t dare!” Cameron said looking back and forth from his little sister and father.

“No your right I wouldn’t. Sorry Honey next time, but pick one for now.” She bent on one knee; looked up at the ceiling and squinted her left eye in fake thought.

“He always manages to push me away when I jump on him to tickle him so Ice bucket it is.”

“Alright fair enough, it’s in the kitchen in the big freezer, hurry go get it while I hold him down.” And in less than a second the pixie little girl was gone rushing with thrill of being able to annoy her brother.

“Come on dad your not that mean. Come on let me go and I’ll answer the blinking phone.”

“Sorry mate you need to learn.”

“And being soaked to the brim with Ice water is punishment for this little crime in the house of Dad.”

“Yes, pretty much.”

“Oh come on Dad, I’ll get you a free membership to any historic place in the country just doesn’t get me wet.”

Any Historic Place in the Country, would this include the London Eye.”

“I don’t think that counts as Historic yet dad, it has to be as old as you before it can count as Historic.”

“Annie...” He shouted loudly “I give you permission for both the Tickle Monster and the Ice Bucket.” A little giggle from the lower decks of the echoed house sweeped the halls in glee!

“Da—ad!” Cameron stared at his father imploringly, but his da was too stubborn to ever change his mind after it was made unless he got something in return. Cameron gave in. “Fine I’ll get you a membership to the London eye as well, happy yet?”

“Alright son, I’ll let you go now.” Cameron finally managed to escape his father’s grip, sitting up on his bed his head spinning from negotiating to early in the morning.

“That Buzzing has finally stopped.”

“She’ll phone back in 15 minutes.”

“Does she fancy you then?”

“Oh god I hope not, I think I would end up fired after I give her my full blown answer.”

“Then let’s pray she hates you, just like all those other women, but don’t worry they’ll be someone someday.”

Cameron stood up, walking forwards towards the door but he continued to look at his dad. He stopped at the door frame and spoke.

“If there is a girl who can deal with what I do I will be impressed.”

“Your only a spy son, and are there most likely to fall in love with another spy. Women or Man I’ll be proud of you.”

“Thanks dad, but I think I’ll stick to women at the minute.” Cameron turned his head and unexpectedly the little pixie girl was there with a bucket of ice water, and before Cameron had something to say the ice water was on him and the bucket empty.

“R-right you li-little rascal, time for you to f-face the music.” With one grasp the pixie girl was up over the freezing cold wet shoulders of her older brother and her father was laughing his head off.

“Where are you taking me Cameron?” Her worried little shrill voice sang, Cameron answered with a smirk on his face.

“The locker room!” He said proudly and mockingly.

“No-o-o! It smells like mouldy sweaty socks.”

“That’s the point.” Cameron cackled evilly before whisking his little sister round the corner as she screamed! “No! Dad help me!” But there dad was laughing too much to answer, but as he laughed and grunted loudly he thought to himself, “I love my family mornings.” But his thoughts and laughter were interrupted by Cameron’s voice from down the hall.

“Dad, Dad help me pull Annie of the banister.” He stood from the springy bed and walked slowly towards the door frame.

“Ok, don’t hurt her.” He laughed as he slowly shut the door behind him whispering “Oh Helen if you could see your kids now.”














The End

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