Caged BirdMature

A small town, plagued by a tragedy, leaves the daughter of an accused murderer outcasted. When a new family moves in, curiosity draws her to them, unaware that they hide a dangerous secret of their own. When an old enemy resurfaces, the human world is threatened by an unknown force. Little do they know, that the members of this small town aren't who they appear to be.

Distant voices disturbed her peaceful sleep. Go away. Let me sleep. Faintly, someone cleared their throat.

"Ms. Hill!" the voice yelled.

Suddenly, she realized what happened--she fell asleep again. Rachel opened her eyes slowly and looked up. Her teacher, a bald forty-something man with a deep, rough voice stood at the front of the room with his arms crossed. He, along with everyone in the class, were staring at her. The teacher's face showed disappointment, but the students found Rachel's embarrassment amusing. Of  course they think it's funny--especially because it's me. Sleeping and daydreaming in class were the two of the things that made Rachel known throughout the school, and not in a good way. Living in a small town was difficult because rumors spread unbelievably fast. Rachel hated this school and everyone in it--well, almost everyone.

"Since you enjoy sleeping in my class so much, perhaps you will enjoy detention after school. I will expect you to report to Mr. Carlile's office today. Am i clear?" the teacher asked.

"Yes, sir," Rachel mumbled.

Matt Durant--the typical popular jock with a bully complex--laughed loudly, mostly out of spite. The other classmates joined in. Rachel's face grew red in embarrassment and she sunk down in her chair. For the rest of the school day, Rachel stared out the window daydreaming. She dreamed of getting out of this town and starting a new life somewhere else. Rachel sighed, knowing it would be impossible to do until she saved up enough money. Mr. Carlile, the school's main detention teacher, also happened to be a friend of the Hill family. Uncle, as Rachel called him, was the one person in the school she could tolerate. She was closer to him than she was to her own father. Thinking of going home to her father passed out and drunk, Rachel began looking forward to detention. The last bell rang, signalling the end of school. The students piled out quickly, ready for the weekend. Rachel waited for everyone else to leave before gathering up her things and heading to Mr. Carlile's office. Rachel hesitated momentarily before knocking on the door.

"Rachel, how was your day?...Oh, that's right! You're here for detention. Would you care to explain what happened?" Uncle asked.

"Sleeping again. It didn't help that Matt laughed either." Uncle opened his mouth to speak. "I know what you're going to say. If I stopped sleeping in class, he wouldn't laugh."

Rachel rolled her eyes as Mr. Carlile launched into a lecture on why people her age acted the way they did. Rachel glanced away at some point during his lecture and noticed a black-haired boy standing in front of the principal's office. Rachel assumed the other man talking to the principal was the boy's father. Rachel was drawn to them somehow and forgot about Mr. Carlile's lecture. Suddenly, Mr. Carlile flicked Rachel on the forehead to get her attention.

"What could possibly be more important than me?" he teased.

Not wanting him to think she could be attracted to the black-haired boy, Rachel shook her head.

"Nothing. Just daydreaming."

Mr. Carlile raised his brow and stared at her for a moment, hoping she would tell him the truth. When she didn't, he sighed and stepped aside. Rachel walked in his office and dropped her book bag next to an empty couch. Plopping down, Rachel examined a painting above a bookcase across the room. Tch, he still has that hanging up? I painted that when I was in fourth grade. Reluctantly tearing her gaze from the painting, Rachel pulled out late homework assignments and began finishing them. Mr. Carlile took this opportunity to finish his work as well. Silence overcame them as they worked diligently. Only the faint, tedious tick of the clock could be heart as the seconds turned into minutes. Two hours later, Rachel slammed her notebooks shut and stretched.

"Finally done!"

Mr. Carlile looked over at her from his computer. Smiling, he shut it down.

"Would you like to get some dinner before it gets too late?" he proposed.

"Of course! The usual?"


The End

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