The Meeting

Damien stood and smiled at Sharlott for a few minutes until Quinn coughed. Sharlott and Damien turned to look at Quinn who was now sitting beside Dove. She looked so much better than what she had before. There was still blood everywhere but she was smiling now instead of screaming.

"So, who is this Eric person that you was talking about," Sharlott asked curiously.

"Well, Eric is Damien and Damien is Eric. We call him Eric in front of humans but Damien is his real name. So just call him Damien. Ok?" replied Quinn.

"Ok. I think I understand. So, is your real name Quinn," Sharlott asked.

"No it isn't. My real name is John. My last name is Quinn. Supposedly I suit being called Quinn. Humans think my name is Robert," replied Quinn.

Now Sharlott was really confused. She looked from Damien to Quinn and back again. Damien was still smiling at her and Quinn was still sitting down with Dove. Then she realized that the room was nearly empty. Everybody had left.

Sharlott stood up and slowly walked over to a shelf that was covered in sea shells. They were beautiful. She slowly placed her hand on a shell and pushed down on it ever so slightly. She could feel the texture of the shell and could imagine it being at the bottom of the ocean with fish swimming around it. Suddenly, she was snapped out of her dream when she felt a strong hand on her shoulder. Sharlott spun round and saw that it was Damien.

Sharlott had never really looked at Damien until now. He had soft blue eyes and messy, dirty blonde hair. He was taller than Sharlott but they had nearly the same shade of skin colour. He didn't look like a hunter with his soft eyes.

Would you like to come and meet some of my friends and family?

Sharlott looked around again and saw that Quinn and Dove were quietly whispering to each other. And then Sharlott remembered once again that vampires are telepathic and can talk to you in your mind. She looked at Damien and slowly nodded her head.

"Quinn!" Damien called, "Sharlott and I are just going out for a walk. We won't be long. Ok?"

Quinn looked suspiciously at Damien and then looked at Sharlott and nodded, "Ok then. You can go out for a walk but if anything happens to her, I am holding you personally responsible, Damien."

Damien laughed and lead Sharlott out the door. When Sharlott stepped out the front door of the hut a cool breeze washed over her face. The sun was going down behind the horizon and the moon was coming up.

Come. Follow me.

Damien started to walk away and Sharlott followed. Some time later, Sharlott saw a big wooden house. It was gorgeous. Damien had already walked up the path and unlocked the front door.

"Come on Witch. We better get inside because the werewolves will be coming soon," he shouted.

Sharlott ran up the path and jumped through the front door. She heard the door shut behind her and then Damien put his hand on her shoulders once again and guided her towards, what looked like, a kitchen.

There was a young girl standing at one of the counters. She was petit with long white blonde hair and blue eyes. Just like Damien's. She was making a salad of some sort.

"Blaise. Come over here. I want you to meet someone," Damien called as the girl started to make her way towards them, " Blaise meet my new friend Sharlott. Sharlott this is my twin sister, Blaise. I have a feeling that you two will be good friends. Blaise, Sharlott is a witch."

"Oh My Goodness. Really? That must mean that you are Sharlott Redfern, daughter of Hellewise Redfern and grand-daughter of Thea Redfern. It is such a pleasure to meet you. Your grandmother and I used to be good friends," Blaise said.

Sharlott was confused. Her grandmother was in her ninetys and Blaise looked like she was in her teens. But then again vampires didn't age unless they were born vampires, which meant that they could stop aging whenever they wanted to.

"Our family are born vampires which makes us lamia but Blaise is part witch because her soulmate is a witch and they exchanged blood. Confusing, yes. Insane, yes. Correct, no," Damien was confusing Sharlott even more now.

Sharlott just looked at Damien and then at Blaise. When she looked deep into Blaise's eyes she saw pictures and clips of her life. Sharlott stood there intranced in Blaise's mind.

The End

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