Quinn was running. Really fast. Sharlott was starting to feel sick because she had never been a good traveller, but as quick as Quinn had started to run they were slowing down and coming to a hault. Quinn gently put Sharlott down but held onto her as she regained her balance.

Sharlott had never seen this place before. It was like a little village, execpt that it was in a little clearing somewhere in the middle of the woods. The sun was beating down on the grass making it a lovely summer green colour. All around people were starting to gather round her and Quinn. But Sharlott knew what they really were and for some reason she didn't feel scared.

Suddenly, high pitched screaming came from one of the little huts, everyone turned to look at the hut but then they all looked back at Sharlott with pleading eyes.

"Quick Sharlott. We don't have a lot of time left. Come, follow me," Quinn said while dragging her to one of the huts.

As Quinn opened the front door to the hut, there was another shriek. Quinn hurried Sharlott inside but she couldn't move. There was blood everywhere. On the floor, on the wall, and on the ceiling.

"H-h-how? W-w-what? W-w-why?" Sharlott stuttered.

"A vampire hunter came into the woods and found me and Dove when we were out hunting. I got away but Dove didn't. When I went back to her she had a stake through her, narrowly missing her heart. We took it out at blood went everywhere. And we need your help," replied Quinn.

"H-how am I supposed to help her. Give her my b-blood or what," Sharlott was shaking by now.

"No. No blood sharing. Your last name is Redfern, right?" Quinn asked.

"Y-yes. Why?" said Sharlott looking confused.

"Your a witch. And I need you to help my sister. Please!" Quinn was trying to hurry her now.

Sharlott was shocked. A witch. How could she be a witch? She thought witches were old with big noses.

"A. . . A witch! How can I be a witch? How do you know that I am a witch?" shouted Sharlott.

Another shriek came from Dove. She looked like she was in a lot of pain. She was wearing what looked like a checked shirt, a demin mini skirt and cowboy boots, but the skirt and shirt were both covered in Dove's blood. Everybody looked worryingly at Dove, then turned their heads to look back at Sharlott.

"My brother, Damien, could taste it in your blood at the graveyard. He found me not long after you had passed out and told me that he tasted witch blood in you. So I took you to the hospital and found out that your name was Redfern and ever since then I have been looking for you because we need you. Dove needs you," Quinn said gently.

"Ok then. Ermm. . . So what do I need to do?" questioned Sharlott.

Sharlott had no idea what she was doing. Quinn told her what to do and she followed, trying to concentrate as much as possible. But she was to busy worrying what she was going to tell her friends and family to even think about Dove.

Once she had finished trying to repair Dove, she looked at Quinn and saw that there was a tall, muscular figure behind him standing in the shadows. As the figure stepped forward, Sharlott froze. The face. The eyes. The teeth. The vampire from the graveyard.

Quinn turned and said," Sharlott this is my little brother, Damien. Damien this is Sharlott, you remember her, right?"

Damien nodded and smiled at Sharlott with menacing eyes.

The End

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