Home Sweet Home

When Sharlott was aloud home, she was still in shock. She still didn't know the whole story as to how she had got to the hospital and how she ended up in a coma that lasted nearly two months.

As Sharlott slowly walked up her driveway she saw huge banners on the windows saying ''Welcome Home'', and gave a little grin. Her father was waiting for her at the front door with her little sister, Bunny. Sharlott walked up to her little sister and smiled. Sharlott had always thought that her sister was hiding something but now she didn't. Sharlott stepped into her house and looked around. She noticed that her mother had got the chest set that she had liked and that the kitchen door had been painted a pale turtoise.

Sharlott turned towards the stairs and peered up them and saw that nothing had changed. So she started to slowly asend up the stairs to  get to her bedroom. When she got to the top of the steps she was out of breath and thought that it was just the fact that she had been in a coma so long and her muscles were weak, but suddenly she got a whiff of something coming from behind her bedroom door.Something not right. She crept to her door and laid a hand gently down on the doorknob. The smell had got stronger and she could hear breathing coming from the otherside of the door. Sharlott gently turned the doorknob and pushed her door open, peering into her sunlit room. She didn't see anything unusual, but the smell was really strong now. It was like a sweet coppery smell and she had never smelt anything like it before. She could hear the breathing alot more clearly as well. It was like a slow panting noise and as she concentrated she realized that it was coming from behind her door. She was terrified. As Sharlott slowly looked round to the back of her door she tried to calm her breathing and block out the pounding noise of her heart.

Sharlott couldn't believe what she saw, but all she thought about was the graveyard and the fangs and the eyes and the vampire. Sharlott tried to scream but all that came out was a little squeak. She stumbled back and fell onto her bed. Her heart was beating loudly and she was breathing heavily. The thing started walking towards her. Its feet looking like they didn't even touch the ground. Suddenly she had an arm around her, pulling her towards the window. It's hand was over her mouth so when she tried to scream, only a muffled sound came out. She was struggling but it didn't help because whenever she struggled it just held on more tight. When they reached the window, the vampire spoke,"Open the window. . . Please."

His voice was powerful and it sounded like he was almost pleading with her to open the window. He let go of Sharlott slowly and pushed her gently towards the window. Sharlott stumbled to the window with the vampire behind her and opened the window. She stepped back away from the window as the vampire stepped towards it. Sharlott knew that he was looking at her and she slowly looked up and saw that he was infact looking at her.

"Please. . . Come with me. Please. We need your help. . ." the vampire pleaded with her.

Sharlott just stared at the vampire. How could he ask for her help? She was sure that he was the one that had put her in a coma. Why should she even trust him?

Please Sharlott. Me and my people need you. You are our only hope. . . If it helps, my brother says sorry and that he didn't mean to hurt you in the graveyard.

Sharlott looked araound her room, confused. She had just heard someone speaking but there was no-one else in the room and the vampire hadn't moved a muscle in his mouth. Then she remembered what she had read about vampires, they are telepathic. She looked at the vampire again and it smiled at her. His teeth were pure white. Sharlott tilted her head to once side so that the vampire could she her pale neck. He just shook his head and laughed.

"My name is Quinn. You don't need to be scared of me, Sharlott. I am the one that saved your life. My brother, Erik, was an idiot and thought that you were food. Now please, we need your help," the vampire put out his hand and Sharlott glanced down at it and didn't realized until she felt a tight grip around her hand that she had put her hand in his.

Quinn pulled Sharlott close to him and jumped out the window with her in his embrace and started to run for the woods.

The End

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