Beasts Of The Night World

Sharlott Smith takes an adventure of a lifetime when she finds out that she has great powers after waking up from a coma. She doesn't know what has happened to her but as she figures out what she is, she meets new people and creatures that she thought were only in fairytales.Take a trip into the adventure of Sharlott Smith. . .

As Sharlott ran throught the graveyard her heart pounded against her pale white skin. She had been running from the shadows of the old graveyard, jumping over little creeks and tumbling over broken bridges. Eventually, she saw the road up ahead of her and she felt relieved and slowed to a jog. Suddenly, she was knocked to the floor by a blow to the back of the legs. She twisted so that her back was to the ground and tried to push herself back as far away as possible but nothing she could do was going to help her now. She saw the creature coming at her. Fangs shinning in the moonlit sky. Eyes like a tigers'. Sharlott couldn't breathe, she just stared at the creature. She knew what he was. A vampire.


Sharlott's pale limp body was laying on the hospital bed. Her mother was sitting beside her, staring at the blank wall of the hospital room. Her mother kept on wondering how her beautiful daughter could have ended up in such a mess; her blonde hair going flat, her white lips stilled and her pale body unmoving.

Three days later, Sharlott's best friend Leighton, came to see her. She sat on the window seat and told Sharlott all the gossip from school. Eventually, Leighton realized that she had tears trickling down her face. She quickly wiped her face and started to walk over to Sharlott's bedside. Leighton gently layed her hand on Sharlott's and held it. Suddenly, Leighton felt Sharlott grip onto her hand. She couldn't believe it. Sharlott was coming out of the coma!

Leighton ran to the room door and shouted," Quick. I think she's waking up!"

Suddenly, Sharlott's room was full of nurses and doctors. As Sharlott's mother walked into the room she saw a crowd of doctors and nurses around her daughter. She had no idea what was wrong and started to worry until a nurse pointed to her daughter and she saw a miracle. Sharlott was slowly fluttering her eyes open and moving her fingers and toes. Her mother just laughed and smiled and cryed. She was so happy that her daughter was ok.

"Wh-where a-am I?" Sharlott eventually managed to stutter.

"Your in hospital. You have been in a coma for nearly 2 months. A man found you in the graveyard unconscious. Your lucky he found you. If he didn't you would be dead. All you need to do now is relax, ok. I will come and check on you soon," a doctor answered her.

"W-wait. A coma? W-wheres the vampire? T-the one that hit me?" Sharlott stuttered weakly.

Sharlott couldn't believe it. A coma. The last thing she remembered was running through the old graveyard, trying to get to the road. Then suddenly being hit at the back of her legs and a creature coming at her.

The End

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