Two twins find out what happened to their parents and want to avenge their name. But first they have to learn the way of the Beast-Riders .

7th maple street south, January  2 ,  2001. A blue beast comes flying from the sky and lands in front of a blue house. On it are two new parents, Dan and Abigal, carrying their new born twins, Tyus and Megan. They where about to go into the house, Dan took Tyus and Abigal took Megan. 

WOOOOOOSHHHHH the wind goes and Abigal long brown hair flutters from the wind gust.

"That was no wind gust." Dan says.

"What do you mean?" Abigal replies.

"I mean." Dan starts but just than a fire ball comes down and blows up their house, Abigal is torn from Megan from the blow. "Well thats what I mean."  the blow sent wind gust in every direction. The wind just kept coming it seemed like that it wouldn't end. Dan's black hair and beard are blowing back because of the strong gusts. Finally Dan becomes torn from Tyus and he goes flying right back to where Abigal is trying to hold on to Megan. Tyus ruins all that by flying into the hand where Abigal was holding on to Megan. 

"No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tyus Megan!" Abigal screams

"KKKKKKKKKKKKAAAAAAAAAAAAAABBBBOOOMMMMMM" A fireball goes and destroys the whole neighborhood. Everything was destroyed but some how Tyus and Megan gets away. They some how found their way to their Grandma and Grandpa's house.

The End

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