Chapter XIII

When CHARbot and 9051 reached the Tunnel Room, they dropped to the ground. CHARbot got up and began to search the Tunnel Room. Finding nothing, he shouted, “He’s not here! He’s gone!” “Who?” “It was him! He tried to kill me. A robot tried to destroy me.” “That’s impossible and illogical.” “You’re one to talk; you fried a Microbot just the other day. Besides, I know what I saw. To me, it is fact!”

The lift opened again and Neuros stepped out, although looking visbly weaker and exhausted. CHARbot moved forward but Neuros just managed to hold him back. Unable to do anything else, CHARbot shouted, “I demand an explanation.” Neuros replied, “Yes, an explanation is in order. It’s been a long war, fought without much explanation. But perhaps it is time. I did promise the Beasts I’d end the war today and I will. I must. It all started a long time ago. All I can tell you for now is, the Tower is in even greater danger than the last time I was here. Now, if you wish to avert that danger, follow me!’

The End

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