Chapter XII

9051 was still waiting outside the passage, when Neuros and CHARbot arrived there. CHARbot, seeing a Megabot from his clan, shouted, “Good, someone who’ll take care of this Beast. Finish him!” 9051 was staring at Neuros. There was a Beast right in front of him, but he felt no impulse to kill it. Something was different.

Neuros sent a spark towards 9051. 9051 countered it involuntarily with another spark. Neuros said, “Your powers are as good as I expected. But now you must go!” Almost immediately, the metal passage door started to rattle, almost as if something was behind it, trying to get out. 9051 found himself levitating and floating right next to CHARbot, whose circuits were on the verge of blowing from seeing so much insubordination in one day. Neuros enclosed them both in the lift. At the same time, Neuros was shouting, “Go to the Tunnel Room. Wait by Tunnel 7. I’ll join you in a little while. Now go!”

The passage door had begun to vibrate even more vigorously. The lift door began to close on CHARbot and 9051. But just moments before it did, they caught a glimpse of what was happening in the room. The passage door burst open, and something metallic came out in a blur. Suddenly, there was a blinding flash, as the room filled with bio-electricity. Then the lift door closed on them.

The End

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