Chapter XI

When CHARbot was revived, he found himself in the Tunnel Room. Before he had time to take in his surroundings or process what had happened, the central lift opened and out stepped a robot. CHARbot said, “You! What are you doing here?” The newcomer said, “You will answer my questions first. Now where is 9051?” “Why do you need to know about 9051? He’s not under your jurisdiction.” “But soon he will be, just like everything else. If you want to be impertinent, this is what I’ll do.” CHARbot’s sensors suddenly were overwhelmed with images of the newcomer blasting him apart. Images of his strewn parts lying discarded.

CHARbot was finding it increasely hard to process all this contradictory information. Before CHARbot could do anything further, a streak of lightning sped across the room and hit the newcomer, knocking him clean out. CHARbot turned to its origin to find the leader of the MRA before him. Neuros spoke, “You are my captive now, CHARbot and …..Wait! No, it can’t be! Come on, we don’t have time to waste.”

CHARbot found himself benig levitated towards the lift. The lift identified CHARbot’s circuits and opened. Neuros entered, CHARbot floating in his wake. Neuros set the destination: The Energy Core.


CHARbot had given up trying to compute what was going on, and he had a feeling he didn’t want to know.

The End

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