Chapter X

About a 100 kilometres west of the Tower, was a huge mountain, known as Monolith Mountain. This place had once been a major city of the humans. Back then, it had been called New York.


Beneath this mountain was a highly developed underground city. This was Xanadu, the headquarters of the Mutant Rebel Alliance (MRA). Here, 2 days ago, the leader of the MRA had said, “We will attack the Tower on 7th December. That day, the Tower’s defences will be weakened. That day, this war will end.”


This leader was a 7 foot large brain, nearly 35 times its normal size. He was the mastermind behind the MRA, the driving force behind the Beast army. And he was currently in Tunnel 7 of the Tunnel Room. His name was Neuros.


The End

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