Chapter IX

Somebody was observing CHARbot very closely. This somebody, when CHARbot had landed near the site of the explosion, had relayed into his vidcom, “The dragon has arrived.” This was part of a terrible operation, Operation Replicant.


Meanwhile, 9051 was down in the Energy Core room, guarding an ancient passage. 9051 knew something was coming from behind the sealed door of the passage. It would reach the Energy Core in 6 hours. All 9051 had to do was wait.


CHARbot had begun his search for 9051 from the RMF. As he approached a row of supposedly inanimate robots, one of them lashed out at him. Before CHARbot could recover, another one stunned him. A few minutes later, when some Microbots reached there, CHARbot’s unconscious body had disappeared.

The End

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