Chapter VIII

A CRF therapist-bot was speaking to CHARbot on his vidscreen. “I examined 9051’s entire body but I couldn’t find a single damaged circuit. Rather, there is a most unique program I detected. If my projections are correct, this program is capable of…..”


The figure on the vidscreen blacked out. CHARbot hurried out of his office and vaulted over the walkway railing, into the empty space above the Tower’s atrium. Hurtling down towards the ground, CHARbot saw where the explosion had taken place. Activating his jet thrusters, just minutes before he hit the ground, CHARbot hovered over to where a gaping hole had replaced a section of the CRF. Alarms were going off, while robots were rushing around trying to repair the damage. However, CHARbot could only process one thing. The explosion had happened exactly where 9051 had been confined. Somehow, 9051 had escaped. And along with him, CHARbot’s last chance of finding out about the rogue program.


The End

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