Chapter VII

9051 was still thinking inside the CRF. A strange program was running in his processor, one he’d never encountered before. It was commanding him “You must go.” “Where?” “To the Energy Core.” “When?” “Before 11:23 AM, 7th December, 2063.” “Why?” “To fight.” “What?” “You’ll see.” “But how? I’m locked in here.” “You’ll know what to do.” “ Yes, yes, I must go , I must go NOW !”

As he said this, 9051 became enveloped in a ball of lightning. Suddenly, the ball exploded and the room containing him disintegrated into pieces, revealing other sections of the CRF. Robots, freed from bondage, darted away in all directions. The floor collapsed from beneath 9051 and fell onto the assembly lines in the RMF, disrupting work. Streaking through the debris, 9051 found a crack made in the RMF floor by the impact of the crash. It was large enough to slip through. 9051 disappeared into it, and he made it through to the Energy Core. 



The End

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