Chapter III

They had just landed. The leader of the squadron was Megabot 9051. The other members were Microbots 9052, 9053, 9054, 9055 and ARV-50 (Aerial Reconnaisance Vehicle). And they were surrounded by Beasts. Monsters of all shapes and sizes. Bloodsuckers, Supergators, Death Frogs, Skullbulls, Slitherers and many more were closing in on the robot squadron. The robots were outnumbered, but they were definitely not outdone. They had technology on their side. The robots started their attack, watched by their superior, CHARbot, from the Tower. CHARbot was especially interested in the leader of the squadron, Megabot 9051.


9051 orchestrated the attack with skillful ease. Covering each flank, 9051 reduced the Beast attack to nothing. The survivors had the sense to flee. After a life-scan, the squadron prepared to return. CHARbot was still watching, but the reason for his interest was not 9051’s military prowess, but quite something else.



The End

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