Beast-Machine Wars I: Beginning



Alex Fallow stepped around the corner warily.Ther had just been a huge power failure lasting nearly six hours, during which some of the mutants had escaped from the lab. Alex was now trying to catch the one he was responsible for. Alex had a fairly good idea what had caused the power failure. He had to, since he was working to combat it. If it hadn’t been for that damn … All of a sudden, Alex’s thoughts were brought back to reality. He had just heard something. The air began to crackle with built-up electric charge. Not just any kind of electricity, it was bio-electricity. Alex whispered, “Is that you, Kitty? Here, come here, it’s just Daddy, come here Neu……AAAAARGGGH!!!” For there had just been a blinding flash of light, coupled with a powerful pulse of electricity directed at Alex Fallow. A fatal pulse, a scream, and the one of the last humans on Earth fell down dead.

The End

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