The Beasts siege the houseMature


I stared wide eyed at the window as a beast the size of a small car charged at the house, its body ragged and torn, and dripping blood. It barrelled through the flower beds and smashed into the window, sending a cascade of shattered glass in all directions. I dived for the door; the beast slamming into were I sat moments ago. The wall crumbled, the wood of the couch creaking then snapping. Jimmy’s mug of tea went flying as I grabbed him and pulled him back. The beast emerged from the tangled mess of debris, slavering and roaring.
“Go, upstairs!” I screamed, tripping over to my feet. Jimmy stumbled up the stairs as the beast gained momentum. Instead of going for the stair, I ran to the kitchen instead. The banister cracked as the beast tore up the stairs, chasing Jimmy. I scrambled into the kitchen, grabbing the first utensil in a shelf, and ran back up the stairs. The beast had mangled the threshold of the bedroom, its large frame too immense to fit through properly. I shouted, “Jimmy!” but the roaring was too loud. 
Inside the bedroom, Jimmy lay on the bed, his stomach torn open, a shotgun in hand. The beast stood at the foot of the bed, as Jimmy let off a round. The spray of metal caught it full in the chest, exploding the torso inwards. A shower of blood caught me, and I stopped. A second round blew its shoulder off. At this range, the shots were lethal. Gore dripped off the walls now, as Jimmy loaded a second round. The beast gurgled, still standing. A third round struck were the first one had, carving out a hole the size of my head. Bits of bone and flesh splattered across the wall, and the fourth shot took its life. It roared, and the metal pellets ripped its head apart. Its yellowed teeth splintered the soft tissue of its mouth torn, precious organs pierced and broken. Bits of the spine showed, as was the skull; a might bowl of yellowed bone, cracked and broken. 
Jimmy was breathing heavily, clutching his wound. The beast had torn his stomach apart, and the blue-white snakes of his intestines were slithering out. He moaned. I dropped what I was holding; turned out to be a spoon, and rushed to him. I flicked out my phone, called the ambulance, and waited. I tried to comfort him, but he soon drew unconscious. Soon, the sirens caught my attention. The paramedics rushed in, but soon drew back. A strange, corpulent beast lay decaying on the floor in an ocean of blood and gore, and two men lay on a bed, equally slathered in guts. After the initial shock, the paramedics strapped Jimmy onto a stretcher, and back to the hospital. 


The End

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