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The cold, lifeless eye of the twisted beast stared at me with malevolence from beyond the grave. It's pupils were dialated, it's iris blood shot. The area around the eye was puffy and red. The now furless beast seemed to still breathe, but that was likely my grim mind playing tricks on me. It's flesh was scarred and pustulent, rife with painful boils and cysts.

Nancy was frozen on my right. Since the hulking, tortured animal had appeared, then seemed to die from the inside out in front of their faces, and on top of that, the fateful knowledge that it was Jimmy's half digested cadaver that had plauged the beast's insides, turning them to rot with his cancer, yet saving Nancy and mines life.

I looked again at the decomposing, bile coated corpse of my best friend. His hair had been burnt away by the ungodly acid within the beasts stomach. His eyes were gone, and his flesh had sloughed off around his temples. Jimmy's legs were tangled and fused where the acid had melted the bone, which had solidified to form one long mutilated mass.

I heard a whimper, a soft sound of someone in distress. I put my arm around Nancy, staring blankly at the naked horrors, my mind numb from pain, from shock, from desensitisation to the mind-crumbling horror of the beasts.

It was night again, or had it always been night? I could not tell. Nancy and I had sat here for so long, and my wristwatch had been smashed at some point in the rout. With a forceful push of determination, I stood, layed a foot on the beasts head, and spoke up.

"Look Nancy, we have survived this horror. We have conquered the beast. All we need to do is keep moving until we find a road, and follow it to civilisation." I thought the plan was good, I even said so, but Nancy looked at me as if I was a madman.

"Are you insane!? There could be more of these....these..." She shuddered. "You said you saw atleast four. There could be many more of them, and next time we won't have....poor Jimmy....to save us." I looked at her mournfully. We were both stricken the very core of our existence by Jimmy's death. But we could not let the forest and cold clame us, not after all we've been through.

"Come Nancy, it's live or die, and my plan is the best we've got." Reluctantly, she conceded. I put my arm around her, gave her a chaste kiss, and led her into the forest. 

The End

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