The Narrator calls out to Nancy, warning her of the danger...Mature

His head jerked up sharply, his mind suddenly clear. That unmistakeable voice, screaming for it's life, he knew it. Nancy was close. Very close, and the beasts were converging on her. Panic took him, gripping his heart with an iron grasp. He shouted a warning; "Nancy! Nancy be careful!" His voice was strained. Jimmy could not pinpoint her direction yet, so he couldn't go to her, but he had to do something! 
"Jimmy, Jimmy where are you?" Nancy's voice was as strained as his, thick with fear and panic. Suddenly, she burst from the undergrowth, her large coat ripped and shredded, her trousers stained with blood. Her eyes were wide, and she was breathing hysterically. 
"Nancy, here quickly" said Jimmy. Nancy looked at him blankly for a moment, the shock of everything stunning her. Abruptly, the roar of a beast shook the forest, sending an explosion of birds in all directions, cawing in fright. Jimmy took her arm and pulled her to his hiding spot, a small bough in a tree he had spotted earlier. He showed her into the bough hastily, then crawling in after her. 
No sooner had he positioned himself within the tree, the beast barrelled through into the clearing, its chest heaving. The beast crashed into a tree, charging about in all directions, roaring all the time. Both Jimmy and Nancy looked on in terror as this beast ravaged the area, clawing at trees and ripping apart the ground. Suddenly, it stopped, standing still, just in front of them. 
Jimmy held a hand to his mouth, in a pathetic attempt to quiet his explosive breathing. Nancy was faring no better, her eyes tightly shut, her chest heaving. The beast sniffed harshly, panning it's head around, looking for them. It knew they were there, it could smell them, their poignant fear. Nancy gasped, and the beast leapt.
The tree shuddered as the beast slammed into it, cracking the trunk, but not felling it. Nancy almost screamed in terror, but she soon realised that the beast still couldn't find them. It roared, then raked the tree with a claw, ripping of a torrent of bark. The beast resumed it's sniffing, soon finding it's way to the entrance of the bough. One mighty claw rested on the entrance, and the beast stuck it's head into the hole. It sniffed inside, swaying it's head from side to side. Jimmy was trying to flatten himself against the side of the bough, but Nancy was whimpering in fear.
The beasts nose touched Nancy's shoe, and knowing how she would react, Jimmy tried to distract the beast by whistling gently. It drew away from Nancy, bringing it's attention to Jimmy. The beast was about to see Jimmy when suddenly, a mighty roar obliterated the tension. All in one, Nancy screamed, Jimmy kicked out, the beast roared, and the ground breaking thud of  three beasts announced the arrival of the others. The beast in the bough drew back, and the others charged. Taking their queue, Nancy and Jimmy ran, into the forest, and into safety.  

The End

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