Something scares it away.Mature

In a state of panic, I dashed across the black road. The beast lunged forward, narrowly missing the skin on my back. The sirens were shrieking, the beast roaring; a cacophony of terror. Once again, my feet betrayed me, and I was sent crashing to the unforgiving tar road. I landed on the other shoulder, twin daggers of pain now carving into my shoulders. I screamed, and the beast stepped over me, its slavering mouth hovering close to mine, savouring the stench of my fear. 
The sirens were cutting into my ears, it's mind-splitting tone sending my head into agony. As if in response to the sirens, the beasts head jerked up, sending a small cascade of spittle across my face. It lifted its mighty body from my feeble frame, roaring at the oncoming car. It leapt off, and bounded into the forest. My head cracked across the road, the sirens fading. My heart slowed, my vision blurred, the flashing lights illuminating my eyes through heavy lids. I fell unconscious. 


The End

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