Jimmy comes to take his brother (the narrator) home.Mature

"Hello?" Jimmy's voice was music to my ears. "Hey Jimmy, c-can you...can you come pick me up?" Words dripped slowly from my mouth, as if my mouth was full of treacle. 
                "Sure mate, were are you?” he asked, a slight hint of worry creeping into his voice.  I told him I was on the road heading out of town, in the forest. He hung up, and I waited, sitting on a rock. I reflected on what had happened, my mind in turmoil. Jimmy found me by the side of the road, brooding. He had to honk his horn to break the trance. His car was a posh 1960 Rolls Royce, all suave leather and polished mahogany. It was his prize car, and he drove it everywhere, much to Fathers dismay. He always said, “A car like that should be kept on display, not used.” Jimmy had dismissed this, instead taking the car on long road trips. So far, he has had no accidents.
                It was warm inside, a pleasant change I barely noticed. My mind was occupied. I sat in silence as he drove, respectfully keeping his tongue, even though his curiosity was palpable. How would I tell him? “I was attacked by strange beasts in the forest” No, he’d never believe me, he would blame it on the drink, even though my breath is clean. He finally spoke up, the intrigue too much to bear.

                “So, what happened?” Three simple words for a simple question, with a answer to complicated for words. I ignored him, and once again the silence fell.


                We pulled up in his drive. His house was quaint, a small cottage commanding an equally small lawn. There were no nearby houses for at least a mile, yet he got by well enough.

                “Nancy’s outta town for the weekend” Said Jimmy, as if assuring me that I’d be welcome. Nancy wasn’t particularly fond of me, and she glared at me in disapproval whenever I came around.

                Inside was a cosy bachelor’s pad. Although Jimmy had a fiancée, he hadn’t had time to upgrade to a couples décor, so he was stuck with the leather couches and masculine furniture.  Jimmy went straight to the kitchen and put a kettle to boil, while I took a seat on the leather. He came into the living room with two steaming mugs of tea, and finally demanded to know what had happened.

                I gave in. “I was out in the woods, when this…this, beast appeared.” He tried to recall, but it was hazy. “It wasn’t any sort of animal I had ever seen before. It sort of looked like a werewolf, yet stranger. I’m not sure how to describe it. Anyway, it attacked. I nearly died” I shuddered. The memory came back more vivid this time, searing my mind.

                Evidently, Jimmy wasn’t too impressed. To him, the beast could’ve been a misshapen wolf bear, and many people recovered from that. He frowned, then took his mug to the kitchen. Suddenly, a loud roar shook the house. 

The End

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