The narrator hears Jimmy's ringing phone just meters away from him.Mature

My heart was pounding, but not with fear. I had a wave of hope wash over me as my mobile tried to connect to my brother's.  The ringing of my phone was soon met by the familiar phrases of Beethoven's Ode To Joy. My brother was nearby!

I began to pick up my pace, calling out his name, expecting him to reply but he says nothing. It wasn't very long until I found out why. The disgusting mound of blood and flesh and bodily gunk was the source. The mangled corpse was singing Ode To Joy. I recoiled in horror and fought the urge to vomit once more. The man I couldn't see, the man who was in the wrong place at the most unfortunate time, the man whose remains -- as few as they may be -- lay next me belonged to Jimmy.

I curled up at the base of a nearby tree, holding my knees close to my chest and face buried in my arms, weeping. This was just too much to take. Too much to take. My limbs were shaking and I couldn't keep still, rocking back and forth like a patient in an asylum rocks back and forth in their cell. The smell of my brother's rotting corpse was getting to me, I had to get out of there.

The forest was silent. Dead silent. I didn't even want to come camping with my brother and his fiancee in the first place but he talked me into it saying I don't get out of the city as much as I used to. He told me he and his fiancee, Nancy, were planning a trip across the country and was going to 'rough it' by camping not in camp grounds but by setting up a tent on crown land instead. I told them they were nuts. I didn't even want to come, but I did anyway.

And now my brother is dead. Ripped to shreds. The beasts are beginning to gather once again. I can hear their heavy breathing, their throaty grumbling, the scraping of their claws on the ground. But the was something else in the distance. Something faint.


Just hearing his name once more ripped at my heart and tears came flooding into my eyes once more.

"Jimmy where are you?!"

I recognized the voice. The familiar voice of Nancy was calling out in the distance. As the voice reached my ears, I heard the pace of the beasts quicken to a jog, grunting with each step...

The End

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