The narrator finally leaves.Mature

It took me for what felt like years to finally comprehend what had just happened. I could feel my entire body quivering in shock. Or was it the cold? I couldn't tell. I felt numb. My breathing was laboured and the stench of the already decaying blood, mucus, fat and other vile fluids was infiltrating my airways, making me want to vomit, but instead I wretched violently and clutched my stomach.

I turned around and began to collect my thoughts. What to do now, who to tell? I walked slowly, thoughtfully but above all, cautiously. All my senses were in overdrive, trying to keep myself alert. My ears constantly pricking up, but nothing was ever there. It was deceptively silent. I continued onwards and suddenly felt the pressure of my mobile in my pocket with each tentative step. Unsurprisingly I'd forgotten I had it on me. I jabbed my hand down and pulled my phone up to my face. Its glowing light blinded me so I cupped my hand around the screen to shield it from my eyes, and anyone elses.Searching my contact list I came to my brother, Jimmy's, name. I pressed the 'call' button and listened anxiously at the monotonous ringing.


The End

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