The narrator is overcautious and the beast finds him again.Mature

I sat next to the blood soaked ground for what must've have been ages. My stomach churned, i was too afraid to move. Finally night settled around the forest, and i plucked up the courage to move. I sat up, hoping that the beast would not return for seconds. I crept up to the corpse. It's mangled remains were barely human, and so thick with flies it was almost unrecognizable as a corpse. Almost.

I went in the opposite direction of the beast, cold and shivering. The moon was coating the foliage in a baleful light. Soon i reached the edge of the forest. Off to the east, the lights of civilisation. I reached forward to bruch away the dirt from my clothes, when i heard it. A multitude of savage, hoarse growls cut throught the nigth air behind me. I turned slowly, my heart sinking low. As i turned, my eyes looked upon the beast. It's dry, cracked tounge now wet and thick with blood. But then another beast crept up beside that, then another. Soon, a whole pack of the savage creatures were staring at her in monolithic hunger. The first beast's appetite was not quenched, and the others were equally as bloodthirsty. I looked at them, defeated. I could not escape four beasts.

The first beast put one tentative foot forward, it maw drooling. But as it touched the leafy forest floor, the beast nearest to it let out a warning growl, it's eyes staring defiantly at the first. Soon, the other joined in. The first beast let out a furious growl, then leapt at me. I yelped, but no longer felt shocked. It is going to kill me, and there is nothing i can do. But one clawed hand slashed at the lunging beast, carving four deep, blood spewing furrows in it's flank. It roared, then turned on the other beasts. It swiped at the smallest of the four, it's claws taking off the beasts lower jaw and sending it flying. Whimpering in pain as the acidic saliva mixed with it's own blood and pouring into the open wound, it crawled away into the forest. Meanwhile, the two other beasts had leapt on the first, ripping and tearing at its hide. A mighty claw struck it in the shoulder, tearing off a large chunck of flesh and bone, and carving through an artery.

I was helpless, as these titanic creatures struggled. The first and larger of the three took a bite at one of the others, it's immense fangs digging deep into flesh and bone. It jerked back, it teeth holding fast, and succesfully removing the entire shoulder. With a bloodcurdling roar, the wounded beast hacked at its stomach, getting one clean swipe, and tearing through to the organs. The third beast was hacking at the larger ones arm and flank, but to no avail. It was clearly the weakest or youngest and was not strong enough to get far enough into the flesh, but it was leaving multiple gruesome looking lacerations. Witha final roar, the second beast collapsed, it shoulder stump spurting gallons of vibrant scarlet lifeblood. Now the two remaining beasts turned on eachother. The larger was bleeding in two dozen places and was loosing blood fast, as well as having the contents of it's stomach tangling around it's legs. The smaller one, managed one attack before the emmense paw of the larger one struck it on the head. I heard a terrible crack, then an ocean of blood, spurting like a geiser, reach near 6 foot in air, before raining down on me and the two beasts. The headless one twictched then fell, it's blood mingling with the other two. Now, after so long, the final beast will get it's kill.

It stumpled to me, blood dripping from it's lacerated arm. Chunk of flesh from it's previous kill still clung to it's fangs. It eyes were cloudy, it's breathing shallow and ragged. It's hind legs caught on some intestines, and it tripped and fell. It's chest heaving, the beast tryed to use it claws to drag itself forward. I sat in true horror, as this godlike beast tryed so hard to appease the driving hunger. After killing it's own, after so long of starving, the beast finally dies, it's head fallen to the ground. I could not help bu feel pity for such a tormented beast.

The End

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