The narrator finds help and calls police/specialistsMature

Light was fading fast. The stench from the mutilated corpse was overpowering. I had to get help. Whatever the beast was, it would find I again. I couldn't run, I couldn't hide. I need help. Stuffing my hand into my pocket, i drew out an old and battered cell phone. Kissing it, he said a prayer for signal out here. Fumbling fingers eventually dialed in the numbers "999", the police. For five tense seconds, the monotonous ring tone droned. Finally.

"Please state the nature of your emergency and location." Said the female operator. I breathed a sigh of relaxation. "Um, I was attacked in the woods by some creature. I don't know what it was, but it killed someone, and it ate them. Oh god, please send some help, please."

"Ok sir, the police are on their way. Please stay calm and don't make any noise." I hang up, and slumped back against a tree, stuffing my phone into my trouser pocket. The sun was slowly fading, falling behind the tall western hills. Night crept in, the wind moaned faintly, a tree rustled behind me. Sweat broke out. Suddenly, sirens bleared noisily through the forest. I jumped up, running in the direction of sirens. Leaves whipped at my face, roots reached menacingly up from the ground to snag unweary legs. One of these roots caught my foot, and I slammed into the leafy ground. Brambles tore at my face. I got up, my shoulder screaming where I had fallen on it. The sirens got fainter. No, I thought. They're leaving. I ran faster, ignore the stinging branches. Finally, I broke out of the forest and into the street. The blue and red of the sirens flashing lights were speeding down the road, too fast for me to catch.

I whipped out the phone and dialed again. The same operator answered.

"They've gone past, what do I do?" The operator told hime to stay put, shes calling them back. This time, i held the phone tightly in my hands, incase they called back. Then, the terrible noise came. The growl, the whine. My head whipped around, there was nothing around me. Forest on either side of the road. The growl came again. It was the beast.

The End

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