I was sprinting through the forest, trying desperately to outrun the creature that was just a few feet behind me. Thick bushes, broken twigs underfoot, and jagged branches ready to catch me out or slow me down at any second were what I battled through to get away from the hideous being following me. It was breathing uncontrollably, wanting, and needing its next feed. I could feel its hot, sweaty breath grasping at the backs of my legs. Anything would do for this thing and since I was there I seemed like the perfect snack. The way it chased me and panted in desperation it appeared as if it hadn’t eaten for days. I could almost hear the creature’s putrid acid squirting through its insides, raking its veins like razor wire. It bent double to gain relief from the throbbing pain which gave me the advantage and in sheer desperation I sought a hiding place in some bushes.
    As I watched from the sanctity of my hide out, I could see the thing’s eyes bulging from their sockets. Veins like pipelines reddened and pulsed along its eyeballs. It opened its mouth and I caught sight of its dry, cracked tongue. It was sticky from decaying saliva which made the creature wretch whenever it swallowed. Its urge for food appeared inescapable. God knows how long this thing had been starved for, but I could tell its addiction would be satisfied soon. 
    I held my breath as I watched it round a tree and graze passed some dying vegetation. Then it laid eyes upon another victim. There was no way I could make out who it was because it all happened so fast. The creature abandoned all hesitation and I watched it launch itself at the helpless being. It sprung like a cat and smashed like a juggernaut onto the terrified person and clamped its gigantic, razor edged fangs into the side of the human, spewing glistening blood and thick mucus all over the surrounding trees. The victim screamed a blistering, banshee-like noise which sent me cowering closer to the ground, as if dodging a bullet. All nearby birds fled for their lives. Nothing phased this thing as it continued to gorge itself on its long awaited feast. After exposing the human’s ribs and sending the entire internal organ base spilling and slopping out to the ground, it sunk its jagged teeth into the neck of its prey and its mouth became flooded with blood from the human’s throat. The corpse lay there, wriggling and twitching as the beast buried and raised its head between chewing and swallowing. Vile bits of flesh had got stuck in the creature’s matted fur around its mouth, and its lower jaw was simply gushing with blood.
    It left after several minutes with a forearm in its mouth, leaving nothing more than a vague carcass, and a few bones with loose pieces of fat swaying from them like white flags.
    By now I was completely flat to the ground like a scared cat. I felt like I’d run a marathon. I stifled back tears of shock and slowly raised my head. The silence was deafening, save my heavy breathing and thunderous heartbeat. I looked out over the battlefield full of anxiety and awareness before getting to my hands and knees and crawled partially of my safe zone.  Like a primitive beast, I scoped out the spot in which the torturous event took place. The carcass lay there, ribs gaping to the heavens, still dripping with blood and fluid. The ground around it was a red bog. Gradually more and more flies started gathering on and around the remains.


The End

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